Admitting Our DIY Christmas Card Photo Defeat

We had a small window in which everyone was awake and fairly well behaved to get our Christmas card photo for the year. Most people hire someone, which is cool for them — but after having my heart broken by the last photographer I hired I wasn’t quite ready to begin the hunt and go through everything involved in a real photo shoot. I have a camera! I have lights! I’ll just do it myself!

To be honest? I’m glad we did them this way, these photos are so perfectly us in a hundred different ways — but they will never make it onto any Pinterest boards for inspirational family photos. Ever. In fact if the world ‘fail’ weren’t so overused I may use that word in regards to these photos.

Here’s the deal, this is the time of year when so many of us feel like less because of what we see come from others. We tried to take a normal photo, but for us? THIS IS NORMAL. We don’t dress matchy matchy, if Cody isn’t at work he’s in a Utah shirt and basketball shorts and you’re lucky Vivi even has pants on (five minutes before we sat down to do this I had to wrestle pants onto Vivi and order Addie to put pants on as well.) The whole process was maybe 10 minutes with people coming and going out of the frame, cats being wrangled and bunny being dangled from a stick. Here’s a look at a few of the most amusing ones, and what’s going on behind the scenes:

  • ALMOST! 1 of 9

    Vivi! Hey! Up here sweetie! HELLO? VIVI?

    Oh well, let's try again.

  • Vivi Taking Control 2 of 9

    After about 10 shots Vivi was gone. We humored photographer Vivi for a bit, but it was kind of vital that she make it into our photo, even if she wasn't very happy about it (which she wasn't.)

    Please notice the purple balloon that no one noticed or moved before we began and Cody's Broncos Jersey just off to the left. (For some reason he didn't want to wear a jersey in the photo but a Utah t-shirt was totally acceptable?

  • She’s Gone 3 of 9

    Vivi continued yelling "CHEESE!" at us from behind the lens. Cody was having a moment with the cat, Addie was terribly amused by how overwhelmed I was with how terrible things were going and the other cat was trying desperately to escape.

  • Cody + Wink = True Love 4 of 9

    This was after Vivi messed with the camera, chopping Addie out of more than half of the photos. While this one didn't make the card, I could crop the rest of us out and frame Cody and Wink for their own Christmas card.

  • Another Accurate One 5 of 9

    Vivi still wanted to be the photographer, in this one she is kicking and screaming her protests.

    Cody and I look pretty human and Addie? Addie loves that cat, and that pissed look on the cat's face? That's normal.

  • What’s With My Face? 6 of 9

    First, dude? What's with my face and why do I look so angry? Where's Addie?

    DID YOU NOTICE THE CAT'S FACE? We're lucky he didn't eat our faces in our sleep.

  • All Over the Place 7 of 9

    We had all these cute props from Hallmark, but Vivi turned one of the prop sticks into a fishing pole for bunny and we could never coordinate all of us using the props at the same time. Bonus pissed cat for extra flair.

  • Cat Butt 8 of 9

    "Hey! Cat pucker just made it into our Christmas card photos!" -Cody

  • The Winner 9 of 9

    So Cody's sign is backwards (although it would have been just as funny had it been a solitary 'HO') and he looks a little ticked, but Vivi is front and center doing her Vivi thing and Addie and I are just going along with all of it.

    It's perfect.

Find more of Casey’s writing on her blog moosh in indy. She’s also available on twitter, facebook, flickr and Instagram. If you can’t find her any of those places? Check the couch, she’s probably taking a nap.

Article Posted 2 years Ago
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