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Ali Wentworth

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Ali Wentworth is an American comedian, actress and author. Her Daily Shot posts on Babble featured Wentworth as she took on media and culture –– bringing her inimitable wit and wisdom to the hottest topics of the day. You can find Wentworth's latest Daily Shot posts on Yahoo Shine.

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My First Date with George: Cellulite and Nipple Hair

By Ali Wentworth |

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Ali Wentworth

Ali Wentworth is an American comedian, actress, and author. Her Daily Shot posts on Babble featured Wentworth as she took on media and culture –– bringing her inimitable wit and wisdom to the hottest topics of the day. You can find Wentworth's latest Daily Shot posts on Yahoo Shine. Read bio and latest posts → Read Ali's latest posts →

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47 thoughts on “My First Date with George: Cellulite and Nipple Hair

  1. stella says:

    I love you, Ali. You are so darn hilarious, I can’t stand it. Sooooo happy you are blogging on Babble and miss seeing you on the Ophrah show. Thanks for sharing a situation that we can all relate to. George is a lucky guy.

  2. Megan Jordan says:

    Welcome to Babble, Ali! I tried to engage our fellow Babble Voices writers in an email conversation about nipple hair the other day and no one was impressed.

    I feel like you are a special gift just for me.

  3. Danielle Smith says:

    Ok – you are priceless. And George is one lucky guy. Welcome to Babble Ali!

  4. JulieMiner says:

    DEAD. I just died. I died because of your long, hereditary nipple hair and the fact that you’re not that good at sex.

    So glad you’re here at Babble and can’t wait to see more.

  5. Selfish Mom says:

    Hilarious. He’s a keeper.

  6. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah says:

    So THAT is how to get the guy. I wish I would have watched this 15 years ago.

    Nice work. Welcome!

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  8. Molly, Digital Mom Blog says:

    OHEMGEE – hilariousness!! so glad you are here – welcome!

  9. shirley says:

    Loved Ali on jay leno talking about being in greece or was it spain for a high school student exchange, then on Oprah and now here!! Definately will tune into listen, bye the way George is one lucky guy!!!! Hope he knows it!!!

  10. Mira Jacob says:

    This just renewed my faith in love. And nipple hair.

  11. anne louise says:

    hey….I have that same hair! LOL ~! My sister!!

  12. Diana says:

    awkward , first day of dating an acquaintance went all out and spent 500 dollars on us as a congratulations for getting together. when we tried paying him back then really tried when we found out he was facing eviction he ended the friendship . ( he felt insulted, while we felt insulted as he did not have to buy our friendship or care, we gave it freely eventually the friendship was renewed when we explained ourselves and the concern of him spending so freely and not being able to afford such luxury;s ..but we banned him from doing anything extravagant like that for us again ) our second date was more memorable my hubs is a chef, and he cooked a surf and turf dinner from scratch served with a&w root beer afterword a massage, and a high pitched serenade then walked me to my door and kissed me goodnight no trying to get in my pants, i miss those days. .

  13. Kristen says:

    You have made my day!! So glad to see you up here. I can already tell I will be a huge fan. On the night I met my husband I was so nervous I drank too much bourbon. He asked if I wanted to share a cab to the Upper West Side and I gleefully said “yes!”. We slid into the back seat and I said out loud, to myself, “Just be cool.” He looked at me and, panicked I followed with, “you should just kiss me.” He dropped me off at my door like a gentleman (or because he was scared) and asked me out on a date the next day. And the rest is history! Sometimes just being yourself (which, I admit, is a lot in my case) is all you need to be. We’re expecting our first on May 2nd.

  14. Diana Lopez says:

    Just pull out that nipple hair already! LOL… hilarious.

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  16. June says:

    Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it today!

  17. Joanna says:

    This one made me laugh at loud. Good to know that if it’s meant to be, even an awkward date won’t deter things. :D

  18. Lisa Gonzalez says:


    You are the funniest and I love that you let us in on you and George’s life w/ your lovely girls. As a stay-at-home-mom of 4 with tons of responsibilities and a husband that works and travels a lot, you give me a little splurge of comic relief that gives me energy and motivation that helps me be a better mom. Thank you!

    Def. will be reading your book!


  19. Joye Lytel says:

    Ali, you are the “bomb” – just watched you on GMA (and George’s “deer caught in headlights but loving every moment” look. I also ordered your new book and I know it will be a hilarious read. No everyone, I am not related to Ali, except via sisterhood and a mind that works like hers. We need to figure out how to get Ali her own show on HBO. Come on, let’s flood the networks with letters of support on this. Love you Ali, BFF Joye from Santa Barbara

  20. Rebecca Jackson (GoodParentGoodChild) says:

    Ali, you killed me with this one…so of course I had to share with our “Mommy Community” – hope you & the hubby like this one, ’cause we think you rock!

  21. Natasha van Doren says:

    Where has Ali been all of my life She could be my new best friend. I love these little posts.

  22. Julie says:

    I think this has the potential of Oprah, but way funnier! You go girl!

  23. beatye says:

    That has to be the funniest, most honest story! My husband would have definitely gone for the second date if he even let me go home at all. The best partner to have is one that is open and ready to laugh. Thanks for the laughs I had watching and for the laughs I will have with my husband when he comes home to watch with me.

  24. Julie says:

    You are hy-lar-i-ous!! So glad I found this…every time I see you on anything you make me laugh out loud!! Thanks…I needed that!

  25. Mary Farsiou says:

    I wish you hadn’t talked about your personal life with your husband. George is a fine and important newscaster and tv personality. Although some feel it is humourous, it is not respectful and he deserves to be seen as a very respectful TV newscaster/personality.
    Mary Farsiou

  26. Marilyn Villar says:

    I think this is toooo funny. There are so many stiff a– people in the world like Mary Farsiou…….
    Yes, George is a respectful TV newscaster but he is also human. So, what is wrong with being honest ?????

    I love it, Thank you for sharing.

  27. jackie says:

    i luv you ur are hilarious i first saw you on oprah and thought you were hysterical thanks for making me laugh :)

  28. paul says:

    I have always liked George, but after watching you for the first time, I have to ask you to leave George and marry me. I plan to be a fan for a long time.

  29. Joeann Johnson says:

    I think George is sexy! If you divorce George and marry Paul, I will marry George.
    Do you like black girls George?

  30. Carol Mueller says:

    Ali, thank you for bringing laughter into our world. Love George on GMA and loved seeing you again on TV. Hope to see you again, you are so funny and lighthearted. George is a lucky man to have you and your beautiful children. Tell any nay sayer like Mary Farsiou to get a life and lighten up. George loves you and the girls and I’m sure he was not unhappy with what you said, he looked like he enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your family. Always enjoy life, it is short.

  31. Kathy Myers says:

    Freaking love you!!! By far the best, tell it like we think mom, out there. I only signed up for twitter for you & Sam Fuld,lol. I would love to see you do a Girls night out talk show on OWN. You unleashed with drinks in hand with a bunch of gal pals would be INSANE!. Love this new Blog by you. I’m a totally hooked.

  32. Patricia says:

    Ali welcome to Babble, so great you are here, you are so hilarious, i love you !!!!

  33. Ed says:

    I hope house husbands are allowed? I love your Yahoo presence and look forward to your program every day. Cirpurfluous body anomalies are not a turn-off to all of us, as you found out with George. ;o)

  34. Red says:

    This lady really has no class. I don’t see how she and George are a couple.

  35. Betty Carter says:

    I am in total agreement the comment by Red on March 8. This was my first (and last) visit to this website.

  36. Anca says:

    Ali Wentworth you are my new favorite person. Please don’ t pay any attention to the mentaly unstable who write negative comments….

    I’ve been following everything you did when I first saw you on Oprah. You are the most brilliant, funny, real, down to earth, inteligent woman on earth.

    You should be on television every day.

  37. gigi alvia says:

    only saw you in the view & like since then. you are smart, so funny & beautiful. you should have a tv show which i think will be a global hit! you & george are a “ball & socket” couple…almost perfect. all the best to you & your family.

  38. Mandy says:

    I’m so upset! Ali wrote an article in Glamour about her first date with George…..I loved it so much I clipped it and read it twice….and in that article it says their first date was in a cafe for lunch and they both ordered crab salad……etc. Now I am wondering what is true:(, I was always such a huge fan.

  39. JEAN eborg says:


  40. Steve Taylor says:

    what’s the black thing on your neck – i think i thru up in my mouth a little bet.

  41. Neil S. Wright says:

    Ali, your account of your first date with George only confirmed what I believe about you: you are so down-to-earth, and real. I mean, you tell the guy those four things on your first date! Wow! No pretensions, no putting on airs–it was a wonderfully honest and brave (booze helped, maybe?) thing you did, and I found myself wishing that I’d been lucky enough to date a woman who was so up-front and put her cards on the table like you did.
    George, you know you’re a lucky man, don’t you? Yeah, you know. Ali is an awesome woman. I salute you both!


  42. Dawn says:

    Ali is so funny! I would love to hang out with her. I can’t believe George called her for a second date after she acted so crazy. That says a a lot about him. I bet he’s as down to earth as she is. Good for them.

  43. Lynnette says:

    Hi Ali! I just finished reading your book, and loved it! I told all my girlfriends to read it. This blog is funny since it also happened to me on my first date with my husband now. I usually don’t drink, since one drink will make me loopy and happy, happy ;-) I had ordered something with Tequila on it and managed to finished the whole drink! We went for a walk at Belagio and I started feeling funny. I told my husband now (first date then) that I am starting to lose my hearing and having a hard time focusing on things. His response was; you are going to pass out! OMG, needless to say, I did pass out (my first time) and woke up in my room (with my clothes on). I am thinking, OH no, he will never asked me out. Too bad, I really liked him. Well, two beautiful girl’s later…we’ve never been apart since our first date back in 2000.
    Thank you Ali for making me laugh every morning with your daily shot. Wish you would be a regular on GMA! I just bought the whole In Living Color Set…

  44. Yvette says:

    How in the heck do I SUBSCRIBE to you, and get all the latest. Love how open you are!!!

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