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Alice Bradley is the co-author (with Eden M. Kennedy) of Let’s Panic About Babies (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2011) and writes the award-winning blog Finslippy.

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This is not the post I was going to write.

By Alice Bradley |

Even Gandhi wasn't happy with some of his writing. Look how pouty!

You guys! Guess what! It took me forever to update this blog because I’ve been having writer’s block ABOUT THIS BLOG. How meta is that? Like a circle in a circle, like a wheel within a wheel!

I’ve actually had two posts simmering, both of them on topics about which I feel woefully under-qualified to write. (Look at me, not ending a sentence with a preposition. I have a master’s degree in writing! That’s how you can tell. That’s the last thing they teach you at graduate school. “Oh, and don’t end a sentence with a proposition,” your thesis advisor writes on your thesis. What?)  I’ve been unable to finish either of them, for reasons even I, in my infinite wisdom, cannot fathom, so here I am, writing a THIRD, and I’m not going to edit this thing, I’m just going to put it up before I can think better of what I’m doing. That’s a long sentence! I don’t even care! Maybe I care a little! Oh, the pain!

You know, if I wrote this blog every day I’d have no shortage of topics to write about or things to say regarding said topics. When I’ve been in the middle of my occasional bouts of daily blog writing, the well was never dry. Sometimes what I drew out of the well was kinda mediocre, but it didn’t matter as much–I knew I’d have something the next day. The stakes were low. But when I’m writing once a week, then I have to make it count! I hate it when it counts.

The logical solution then would be to write this blog every day, but I’ve never been logical.  Not to mention I’m only getting paid to write once a week. Oh, and I’m lazy. Let us not forget the laziness!

Seriously, though. SERIOUSLY, you guys. My first post was titled “Who do I think I am?” and if I’m going to be honest with you–and I am–I have to admit that I think exactly that, quite often. I mean, look at me. Don’t look away! I am often a mess. I have a hard time getting anything done. Sometimes I have to hide under a blanket while I’m writing. (Not a security blanket, because that would be WEIRD. It’s a throw blanket I keep on the couch. It’s chenille!) I couldn’t say why. I seem to find it comforting. If I had the space and privacy to construct my own special blanket fort, I’d probably get a lot more work completed. If I could sit in my blanket fort while being fed a constant stream of M&Ms, I’d be extremely overweight but blissfully productive.

What are you working on this week, and what helps you work? Is it blankets? It’s blankets, isn’t it.  Tell me it’s blankets. Meanwhile, I’m going to get to work on next week’s post–right now, while I have some momentum going.

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Alice Bradley

Alice Bradley is the co-author (with Eden M. Kennedy) of Let’s Panic About Babies (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2011) and writes the award-winning blog Finslippy.

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5 thoughts on “This is not the post I was going to write.

  1. Jessica says:

    I find that what helps me work is to use writing on the novel I like to think I am writing as a way to procrastinate doing the work I have to do to eat, which is sell mortgage loans. Also, I think that Gandhi is probably pouting because his nipples are cold.

  2. Catherine Connors says:

    Not ending sentences in prepositions. Being able to define ‘dangling participle’ (mostly without giggling.) Breaking into a cold sweat upon seeing the word ‘idiom’ because it causes flashbacks to a thesis returned with that word scrawled in red across a turn of phrase the composition of which one was especially proud. Writing a string of words like “the composition of which one was especially proud.” These are all indications that you might have spent time in graduate school in the arts/humanities.

    I also have a list of posts that I find myself unable to write. Also, a book. You ever need to sit down and commiserate about writer’s block over a stiff drink or ten, I’m your girl.

  3. Sonje Jones says:

    I did this crazy thing over Labor Day weekend called the 3-Day Novel Contest. It was created by Canadians back in 1977. Crazy Canadians. I mean that in the nicest way. Except when I was in the midst of the contest when I realized that Canada is the birthplace of evil. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but only a bit because you understand what the 3-Day Novel Contest is, yes? They don’t even try to disguise it with a clever title like the 3-Day Die Trying to Write Contest.

    Anyway, what was I talking about? Right, what I was working on last week. So I participated in this 3-Day Novel Contest. By Monday at midnight, I had only managed a pathetic 15k. My friend who also did this contest wrote 29k. IN THREE DAYS. I told this to my neighbor last night, and he called my 15k “weak.” True dat, homey. True day. I am hanging my head in shame as I write this comment.

    Since then, I have not been working on writing. Because I hate writing now. Although today I did re-read the story I came up with (several people want to read it; I suspect these people also slow down to look at car accidents), and I think the story I came up with isn’t too bad–you know, considering.

  4. Ali of Spinner's End says:

    Blankets! It actually is blankets. I totally get that one, Alice. Something about feeling isolated helps me block out the world, let go of the external pressure I put on myself, and just let it happen. Sometimes it really works and sometimes the blanket is too cozy or not soft enough or the cat is staring at me like she knows…

  5. says:

    Can I just say that I love the way you write? Even when you ramble-hell, especially when you ramble, I feel so inspired! It’s cool to be writers and to have eight million stories and ideas we sometimes can’t decipher. If you need a blanket, grab a blanket. If you need a fort of blankets, make it, because I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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