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Am I Mom Enough? A Photographic Investigation

So what would happen if TIME magazine showed up and asked me for photographic evidence of all my parenting beliefs and practices? Would I pass attachment parenting muster?

HELL NO. In fact, they’d discover that I am nothing but a big bundle of contradictions, and why I refuse to claim adherence to any particular parenting style label, other than This Works, Good Enough.

Below, a slideshow of some of the many parenting (and lifestyle) contradictions and compromises that work, are good enough, etc:

  • I cloth diaper…but I always have emergency disposable diapers and wipes. 1 of 9
    I cloth diaper...but I always have emergency disposable diapers and wipes.
    Look, our washer died this week. Last month our utility sink clogged. Before that, Ike got a rash only Desitin could solve. Sometimes I forget to buy the right detergent. Sometimes...I'm just lazy.
  • I believe children should be free range…but I’ll totally put my baby in a pen. 2 of 9
    I believe children should be free range...but I'll totally put my baby in a pen.
    Some families turn their whole houses into a baby-proofed safe zone of "YES!" Ours is a veritable deathtrap of "NO BABY NOOOOO." This pen keeps him safe so I can pee and make dinner and I do not apologize for it.
  • I am anti-gun…but my kids have phasers and blasters and bubble guns. 3 of 9
    I am anti-gun...but my kids have phasers and blasters and bubble guns.
    They also battle with lightsabers and turn pool noodles into swords. Whatever. You boys having fun? Cool.
  • I breastfeed…but I also use formula. 4 of 9
    I breastfeed...but I also use formula.
    If I held myself to the "I must breastfeed exclusively" standard I'd be a miserable failure. My supply is crappy and my pump produces nothing. So I supplement with formula. And I'm still breastfeeding whenever I can, with whatever milk I have. And I'm super 100% okay and happy with that.
  • I am a homemade fanatic…but I always have boxed mac & cheese and other cheat-y kids’ meals. 5 of 9
    I am a homemade fanatic...but I always have boxed mac & cheese and other cheat-y kids' meals.
    I make a wicked easy mac & cheese from scratch. My fridge is usually stocked with great organic whole ingredients. But some nights dinner still comes out of a box or can.
  • I am anti-HFCS…but addicted to Coke. 6 of 9
    I am anti-HFCS...but addicted to Coke.
    The stuff never crosses my kids' lips, if I can possibly help it. BUT LAY OFF MOMMY'S GO-GO JUICE.
  • I co-sleep…but also sleep train. 7 of 9
    I co-sleep...but also sleep train.
    Co-sleeping with Baby Ike didn't work for us, despite it being "the plan." Sleeping in his crib didn't work either...until I Ferberized him. We're all much happier now.
  • I babywear…but also own strollers. 8 of 9
    I babywear...but also own strollers.
    Three of 'em, actually. Ike loves the Ergo carrier and sling, but also digs a good stroller ride.
  • I am a wine snob…but oh man, is this good stuff. 9 of 9
    I am a wine snob...but oh man, is this good stuff.
    There's five bottles of wine in this here box, which costs all of 22 bucks. Don't mother without one.

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