an epic end to summer


You know what? I ain’t gonna lie to you — this last week was pretty spectacular.  It started with a 3-hour drive to a beautiful beach-house:  my friend Maile invited my friend Laura and I and our families south to Port Aransas, Texas, to spend some time on the beach.  Wonderful, right?  We had an amazing time.  But then — but then, folks!– this week was also my ninth anniversary.  Even though we didn’t do anything special — Japanese take-out in front of The Bourne Supremacy — it was still a perfect, quiet night, which is exactly what I wanted after the active weekend.

Of course, I’m back to work, and honestly, I’m buried.  But I’ve got these awesome memories to keep me going:





Friends, I’m seriously full of gratitude this week — and I’ll take it, because times like this don’t come by all the time.  I’m storing these away for when times get tough.  Besides, school starts for my daughter next week, and we’ll be back to routine before we know it.

What about you?  What’s been awesome about your life this week?