An Interview with my Daughter About Christmas Joy

I awoke with a sense of doom. I grabbed my phone and checked the date. December 2. Whew! It was only a dream (or rather a nightmare). In my dream, it was Christmas morning and my kids were all disappointed because I had failed to buy presents for four of them. I had been waiting until I had money with which to shop and before I knew it, it was Christmas day. I ran around like crazy, trying to find a store so I could get my kids something, but no place was open. It was an awful feeling.

After I got up, I decided I’d better get an idea of what my kids want for Christmas, so I asked Brooklyn.

ME: Do you like Christmas?

BROOKLYN: Yes! It’s my favorite.

ME: What do you like about Christmas?

BROOKLYN: Because Santa comes and brings presents. And everyone loves the Christmas joy.

ME: What’s the Christmas joy?

BROOKLYN: When everyone sings. Oh Christmas joy, oh Christmas joy, jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock. And bring us fiddy pudding, bring us fiddy pudding or we won’t go home.

ME: What is “fiddy” pudding?

BROOKLYN: I don’t know.

ME: What’s it made out of?

BROOKLYN: I don’t know. Pudding?

ME: So, what do you want Santa to bring you this year?

BROOKLYN: Hmmm, what was that? Um, I’ll be right back.

She ran out of the room. Twenty minutes passed as she forgot why she left and started playing with dolls in her bedroom.

ME: Did you forget what you went to your room for?

BROOKLYN: I don’t know where the catalog is. Santa won’t know what to bring me.

She proceeded to cry because she doesn’t know what she wants.

ME: Don’t you think he’ll know what you like?

Shakes head no.

ME: Doesn’t he bring you things that you like every year?


ME: Then don’t you think he’ll probably know the kinds of things you like this year?

BROOKLYN: Yes. Oh, I know what I want! A Leappad 2!

ME: What’s a Leappad 2?

BROOKLYN: A fun, fun game thing.

ME: What does it do?

BROOKLYN: You can learn on it and make videos on it. And you can take pictures on it. And do homework kinda stuff on it.

ME: That sounds pretty cool. How much does a Leappad 2 cost?

BROOKLYN: 99 cents or 99 dollars. I don’t know.

ME: If you could have one Christmas wish come true, what would it be?

BROOKLYN: To spread all the Christmas joy to everyone from Santa.

I guess I’ll be running to Target to get a Leappad 2. I hope it’s 99 cents when I get there. And then I’ll work on spreading the Christmas joy to everyone.

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