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One of the things I loved the most about college was all the different experiences that have shaped me into who I am today. The people, the living situations, and the classes were all incredibly diverse. One of my most important jobs is getting my daughter Annie prepared for college and living on her own. Yesterday I was trying to imagine what kind of person Annie will be when she’s in college, and it dawned on me that, if she’s anything then like the toddler she is today, she’s going to be just fine.

  • Studious 1 of 8
    Annie loves to read, and will flip through a book anywhere. I can easily picture her flipping through a book during a halftime show.
  • She’ll Fit In At Any Drum Circle 2 of 8
    She'll Fit In At Any Drum Circle
    She loves music and dancing, and I imagine she'll be the center of any drum circle.
  • She Loves Friends 3 of 8
    She Loves Friends
    I made some of my best friends in college, and I'm certain my social little girl will do the same.
  • She’s Up All Night 4 of 8
    She's Up All Night
    She'll have no problem studying all night for an exam, because she already hates to sleep.
  • She’s A Party Animal 5 of 8
    She's A Party Animal
    She loves to party, although I hope she keeps it to the cake-and-ice-cream variety.
  • She Gets Along Well With Boys 6 of 8
    She Gets Along Well With Boys
    Even though she won't be allowed to date until she's 30, I know she'll have lots of boys as friends - she already does!
  • She’s Got Spirit 7 of 8
    She's Got Spirit
    Be it in the stands at a football game or participating in intramural sports, Annie loves her teams and being in on the action.
  • She’ll Be An Angel When Mom And Dad Visit 8 of 8
    She'll Be An Angel When Mom And Dad Visit
    She's no fool.


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