Announcing the Walt Disney Company's Acquisition of Babble 


Today, I am thrilled to announce that Babble Media is now a part of the Walt Disney Company.

I oversee the Family Network division at Disney Interactive, and I’m also mother of two-year-old twin boys. Before the boys arrived, I read everything I could get my hands on to get ready for my entrée into parenthood, and yet, I was unprepared for how these amazing little creatures would change my life.

While I was able to confidently make decisions and solve problems at work, as a mom, I felt clueless and like I was doing it all wrong. Did other new parents feel as completely baffled by this new role as I did?

I knew that real answers to my questions were somewhere online, and I found many sites offering help. But most of the suggestions seemed fairly generic, outdated, or downright unattainable. A friend then turned me on to Babble, where I discovered a community of parents who were sharing their stories, opinions, insights, and, most importantly, their imperfections. These were the honest accounts of how we were surviving parenthood and celebrating the wonder of it all. I finally found other moms who understood what I was going through and they were there for me.

I joined Disney nine months ago. And since then, my team and I have been focused on creating new digital products that can really make a difference to parents. This means helping them both create the magical moments and weather the frenzied ones and even more, giving them an easy way to share and reflect on the stories they are living, moment by moment. We do so with the enthusiastic support of Disney and its rich heritage of storytelling.

With the addition of Babble, Disney is embracing a new genre of storytellers parents who are able to eloquently, honestly and often, humorously, share true stories from their daily lives that resonate with moms and dads.

The founders and team at Babble have dedicated themselves to nurturing and to providing a platform for these voices. All of us at Disney are committed to expanding this platform to bring your voices to a broader audience.

We are so pleased to welcome Babble and the vibrant community of writers, bloggers, and readers whose collective contributions have helped develop this very special place.

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