As you may have noticed by now, Babble has introduced a new format for the personal blogs.  I’m still getting used to it, and frankly, it was making me grumpy, but WordPress has spell check, so I should be faster at catching typos.  (My old system was my dad, but he can still help me out with my lay/lie/laid/lain problems so he’s not obsolete.)

The only big down side to the new format is that everything I wrote in the old system is hidden in an archive, and you can’t find any of it by just scrolling down among my new WordPress posts.  When I stumble upon a blog I really like, I tend to go back to the beginning of it if possible and read straight through to the present.  I want any new readers to my blog to have that same opportunity.

So here is the link to the archive! It starts right from my first blog post and you can scroll down through my entire year of Holding Down the Fort adventures if you are so inclined. Or jump around, or read it backwards, or whatever makes you happy. In any case, I did a lot of writing over the past year and I don’t want to see it lost or made unavailable, especially for other people looking for stories about dealing with deployment for whom it could be helpful.  So here it is:

The Complete Holding Down the Fort Archive

Click that, and the whole list comes up.  (And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog….)

UPDATE:  On a long, long night in April when I wasn’t going to get any sleep anyway, I went ahead and cut and pasted all my old posts from the archive into WordPress.  So now you can just keep scrolling back to the beginning if you like!  Only thing was I couldn’t copy over any of the comments, and sometimes the comments are the best part in my opinion, so there is still a place for looking at old posts in the archived version if you are so inclined.  Happy reading!

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