Ask Rene: My Daughter HATES Her Nose! (Video)



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Ask Rene: My Daughter HATES Her Nose! (Video) 

Who among us has not felt a wee bit insecure about some body part, traveling the path from adolescence to adulthood? I know I was. Boney knees, a flat-chest and being very, VERY skinny did not make for fun times for me as a teen. So I could totally relate to the letter that came across my desk from the mother of a young girl who’s upset about her nose.

She writes, in part:

I hope you can help me give some advice to my daughter. She’s 13-years-old and absolutely hates her nose. She says she gets teased by friends and doesn’t want to go to parties or school events anymore. But the scariest thing is that she mentioned suicide. 

What would you tell her to help her understand that her nose is not everything?


Okay, first things first, you have to take any talk of suicide very seriously so I would definitely check in with your pediatrician first. He or she may refer you to a psychiatrist.

Beyond that.. here’s what I would say, if I were speaking directly to your daughter.


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