Ask Rene: My Friends Are Having Babies And They're So Obnoxious! (Video)



Hi Rene:

I only have a handful of girlfriends, and it seems they’re all having babies and abandoning me for play dates with women they have more in common with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m genuinely happy for them. I follow their guidance on the best times to call or visit. I even drive to them so they don’t have to pack the kid and half the house up for an outing. One lady in particular won’t take her child more than five miles from the house, so I drive 45 minutes one way to visit. But these friendships are beginning to feel about as one-sided as most paper from your standard copy machine.

How do I get these friends to see life from my side of this equation? Or should I just stop being a baby myself and go make some new friends? I don’t want to totally abandon my new Mommy friends, I just don’t know where our friendship fits into their new lives. And honestly, I’m probably more than a little bit jealous.
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