Back in the Babble Again

It’s been ten months since I’ve posted here on Babble via Straight From the Bottle and although I never formally said goodbye, I never really formally left either. So! I thought as a re-entry into Babble blogdom, I’d take this moment to revisit the glory days.

The first post I ever wrote for Babble was in December of 2006 (did you just yawn? I’m pretty sure I just saw you yawn) and I’ll never forget it because it was due the Monday after my friend Kendra’s Bachelorette party so I wrote much of the post from our Vegas hotel room like the party animal I thought I was at the time. And, because it was 2006 and “all the kids” were doing it, I posted pictures of said weekend including one where my friend is holding a bouquet with a penis in it. (Stay classy, Bec!)

That was five years ago and I imagine five years from now I will be as embarrassed as I am about that post, about this post, for a host of other reasons I don’t yet understand.

That’s the thing about writing – it’s basically the act of petrifying one’s mundane history for the rest of one’s life. This is why it’s atrocious to give a writer shit for writing… it’s hard enough for us to live with our “early work” and by “work” I mean blog posts from 2005. (I only read my book once and cried through the entire thing because I thought every word was terrible and horrible and I hated myself. This is why I have yet to write another book and likely won’t for several hundred years.)

Anyway, Babble posts of the past (focus, ye pregnant brain! Fo. Cus!). Some highlights:

– The IUD Saga posted here, here and here in “Womb Squad Successfully detonates IED in Hurt Locker” (quite possibly my proudest “post-titling” moment).

Here’s a post I wrote about wanting a second child. (So weird to read now, with Fable, here, playing at my feet!)

And here’s a post with videos of Fable’s first steps (SOB!) and being SO CUTE I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT OH DEAR GOD.

– And here’s a lovely post about an episiotomy I had once. That’s an interesting one.

Here’s one that made me cry just now (about weaning and separating from one’s infant/toddler/SOB MORE SOBBING!)

And then there’s the post I wrote last summer about wanting a third child someday. Maybe: I find this one especially hilarious now because here I was waxing on and on AND ON about wanting a third child someday and HA HA HA HA HA, Life said NO. YOU WILL HAVE FOUR!

Which brings me this: I am weeks away from having four. As in four children. Archer, Fable and two newborn human beings. Four is a lot of kids for a girl who five years ago sat down to write in this EXACT same space about trying to adjust to life as a mother of one.

I feel like a completely different person and this will likely be a completely different blog, but I’m nonetheless looking forward to it and I’m excited to be back in the Babble again.

With Archer, Fall 2006:


With Archer, Fable & twins (in my stomach area), Spring 2011


RIP, Straight from the Bottle.

Happy Birth day, Gone Child(ssss).


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