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Well, we’re back out on the road. It’s been a while since we’ve been on the bus with the kids. I don’t think Jonah, our one-year-old, even remembers the bus. Bus call was 6:30PM. He had such a hard time settling in last night. The commotion from everyone loading gear, stocking the bus and just getting situated seemed to get him stirred up. Noah, our 4-year-old, added to the craziness by running around. He was so excited to be on the bus and see everyone.

My husband made a gate for Jonah’s bunk bed. Now that he’s mobile, we needed a way to keep him from crawling out in the middle of the night and getting stepped on in the dark bunk area. With Noah, we did the same thing. The gate swung open and had a little latch on the outside so we could secure it shut. This time around, my husband made a sliding gate. It’s so beautiful, but has no latch.IMG_2468

When I put Jonah to bed, I closed the gate and pulled the curtain. I then sat in the hallway getting Noah ready for bed— his bunk is straight across from his brother’s. Jonah’s curtain kept moving when he would reach his hands through the slats of the gate. As I sat in the hallway talking to Noah in his bunk, I felt something on my back: Jonah had figured out how to open the gate. He slid it open and then crawled out. That kid is so stinkin’ smart! I put him back in bed and secured the gate with a belt. He didn’t like that too much. He threw a fit and kept trying to open the gate. I sat in the hallway by his bunk, grateful for the fact that all the guys were up front and no one was in bed trying to sleep yet. It took Jonah a while to calm down. I don’t like it when he’s upset; like any mom, it breaks my heart.

Being on the bus didn’t phase Noah. He was in his bunk with the headphones on watching Star Wars. He’s been familiar with the bus since he was 8 weeks old. He’s used to it and LOVES it. He was so excited all day about going on the road that he didn’t sleep during naptime at school. Once the bus started rolling, he was good and tired. At about 8:30 both boys were asleep. Phew! Heck of a way to start back touring with the kids.

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