Bad Mother Confidential


Bad Mother Confidential. Bad Mother Confidential. My bad motherhood has never really been all that confidential, which means that you should really take the name of this blog as more or less tongue in cheek. It would probably be more accurate to call it Bad Mother Blabbermouth, or Bad Mother Babbles On, which maybe would have been the most accurate thing to call it, seeing as it’s a Babble blog. You know, on Babble. Which is another story for another time.

Here’s the thing about this blog, the thing that makes it confidential, in the sense of being derived from confidence (which is, after all, from the Latin confidentia, which means assurance, or boldness and audacity): it’s my place for asserting – for owning, as the kids say – my bad motherhood as it evolves from its origins as the statement of purpose of a new mother, and, later, statement of purpose of a mom blogger, to a more fully developed expression of myself as both a mother qua mommy and a mother qua woman- with- kids- who- does- things- other- than- take- care- of- and- talk- about- taking- care- of- her- kids. A more complicated bad mother. A more confident bad mother.

A bad mother who may or may not dish a few confidences, in the if these walls could talk sense. But you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

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