Being A Hospital Parent: Part 1


HospitalThere’s not a whole of things that I will try to give advice about.  At the most you’ll get “What Works For Us” suggestions and they might not work for you.

But there is one thing I’m an expert about.

It sort of sucks.

Like the sun is sort of warm.

I have a lot of experience taking my kids to the hospital.


2005 =  I had my first stroke and the kids had their first foray into the ICU.

2006-2009 =  my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2yo and was in-out of the hospital for years.

2009 =  I had the two strokes that led me to being in various hospitals for three months.

So, yeah.

We’ve done the hospital the way some families do Disney World.

In the next few posts I want to do a series on your kids being in and at the hospital.

How to help your kids be good guests AND patients.

This is a different experience for kids, with different rules and needs.

I will definitely not cover ALL situation, but I will sure try my best.

Every child needs their parent to be an advocate.

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