Best Coordinated Costumes For The Whole Family


Every year, I try to convince my kids to go with a coordinated theme for Halloween, and every year they defy me by choosing random costumes that have nothing to do with each other. This year, I’ve finally rallied the troupes and we are all going as Star Wars characters.

It can be a challenge to search for matching costumes, especially for a wide range of sizes, but I just discovered the group costume page at  It’s awesome . . . it allows you to punch in all of the genders and ages in your family and then you can drill down all of the available options. They also have an online fit finder to make sure everything fits before you order.

We used this website to choose our Star Wars costume, and it was nice to narrow down the options for the kids so they didn’t get distracted by the other costumes. Jafta chose Bobe Fet, Kembe will be Darth Vader, Karis is Queen Amidala and India is going as Asoka. I will be Princess Leia and Mark will be Han Solo. Photos to come!

Here are some other fun group costume options:


  • Mario Brothers 1 of 27

    Do kids these days even play Mario Brothers? If not, it's time for a lesson in video game awesomeness.

  • Pirates 2 of 27

    Arrrrrgh! (Is that how that is spelled?)

  • The Incredibles 3 of 27

    I feel like this is the quintessential family costume. Every member can get in on this one. Fake muscles optional.

  • The Wizard of Oz 4 of 27

    This one is a classic - my family went as this when I was a kid. But if you have more than one girl, you may have to draw straws for Dorothy.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 5 of 27

    So many characters to choose from

  • Batman 6 of 27

    For Batman fans, there are plenty of characters to go around.

  • Avengers 7 of 27

    For the super-hero obsessed, The Avengers offer lots of options.

  • Crayons 8 of 27

    Going as crayons would be cute for a family with lots of small children.

  • 1950s 9 of 27

    These costumes can double for that PTA Sock-Hop fundraiser you know is coming.

  • Scooby Doo 10 of 27

    Team Velma.

  • The Flinstones 11 of 27

    A fun, nostalgic option.

  • Grease 12 of 27

    Just don't teach them the words to Grease Lightning. It's worse than you think.

  • Kiss 13 of 27

    This is my son's dream. Unfortunately his sisters were not on board.

  • Zombies 14 of 27


  • Power Rangers 15 of 27

    So many options . . . this one is great for a large family.

  • Angry Birds 16 of 27

    Take your obsession with this addictive game to the next level.

  • Dr. Seuss Characters 17 of 27

    So literary!

  • The Jetsons 18 of 27

    Go futuristic retro (is that a thing) with a nod to this classic cartoon.

  • Toy Story 19 of 27
    Best group costume options for the whole family

    So many character options from this beloved Pixar franchise.

  • Peter Pan 20 of 27

    Great costume options for both genders.

  • Harry Potter 21 of 27

    I can see my kids wanting to do this one in a few years.

  • Lord of the Rings 22 of 27

    Nerd alert! My husband can't wait to do this one.

  • The Muppets 23 of 27

    If you don't love the Muppets, you may not have a soul.

  • Monsters 24 of 27

    From scary to sweet, a family of furry monsters is perfect for Halloween.

  • Star Wars 25 of 27

    Now to the quintessential question: Original, Clone Wars, or both?

  • Alice in Wonderland 26 of 27

    Another fun literary option with lots of choices for both genders.

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