Beyond the Pyramids: Nubian Culture and Their Painted Doors


Once you get outside of Cairo and go beyond the pyramids, you begin to experience another side of Egypt.  You still feel the culture differences.

Nubian Village, Egypt, Me Ra Koh

But the slow paced life of villages is never as intense as the bustling cities.  On our family tour, we went from Cairo to Aswan.  Here we took a small boat to explore one of the most delightful people groups I’ve ever met: the Nubians.

Nubian Village, Egypt, Me Ra Koh, 2

Fazi was both our Nubian guide and captain when we sailed the Nile (plus he plays a fierce game of Connect Four).  The New York Times writes that the Nubians “may be the first true African Civilization.”  Living in Southern Egypt and Sudan, they are known by Egyptians as being a peaceful, easy going culture with their own foods, traditions and art.

Nubian Village, Egypt, Me Ra Koh 4

And get this … their men are expected to cook, play the drums and sing.  Not to bad!

Nubian Village, Egypt, Me Ra Koh, 2

Our family was given the opportunity to visit a school and join in the class lesson.  Egypt Uncovered, our tour company, supports Fazi’s village in several ways and sent new sweatshirts with us to hand out to all the kids. (Don’t you love how the little guy is wearing ear muffs when he lives in the desert!  So darling!)

Nubian Village, Egypt, Me Ra Koh, 5

Having the opportunity to interact with children is always one of the best parts of travel.

Nubian Village, Me Ra Koh, 8

And even though you couldn’t see the teacher’s smile, her warmth and love for the kids radiated from her very being.

Nubian Village, Egypt, Me Ra Koh, 6

On the outside, the Nubian village looks simple, dry, and is almost easy to miss with all the rubble.

Nubian Village, Egypt, Me Ra Koh, 7

But the wonders of what lives on the inside of these stone walls inspired my heart and creative spirit.  Of all our time in Egypt, this piece of our tour was one of our family’s most treasured experiences.

Follow us into Fazi’s village and be inspired by how beauty and creativity flourish in the most simplest of places.

Nubian Village, Egypt, Me Ra Koh, 7

Every painted door is an expression of their beautiful souls.

  • Nubian Village, Door 1 1 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 1
  • Nubian Village, Door 2 2 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 2
  • Nubian Village, Door 3 3 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 3
  • Nubian Village, Door 4 4 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 4
  • Nubian Village, Door 5 5 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 5
  • Nubian Village, Door 6 6 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 6
  • Nubian Woman, Door 7 7 of 10
    Nubian Woman, Door 7
  • Nubian Village, Door 8 8 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 8
  • Nubian Village, Door 9 9 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 9
  • Nubian Village, Door 10 10 of 10
    Nubian Village, Door 10

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