Bienvenidos and Bienvenidas to Blábeando


Finally Babble decided to add some sabor Latino to their voices! Finalmente no?

I am honored to be the first of (I hope) many Latina voices who are out there rocking the blogosphere.  It’s crazy since people don’t see me as a mom even though I do have 4 Latinitos running around the house.  So I was thrilled to get Babble’s invite because I needed a space where I can share my personal motherhood experiences.  Sounds fun to me!

I also like the idea of coming out of my cyber-ghetto (called #LATISM) to show gringoladia that Latina moms are just like any other mom.  But even more than that, we also have a brain and we happen to speak English.  Most Latinas don’t even have an accent (I do).  You have to be in my shoes to really understand what I mean.  I’m a developer (Yes, LATISM is just a passion I do between 3  and 5 in the morning), I own a small development company that builds apps and games mainly in the field of education.  However I’m always in front of situations that almost force me to go back to the stereotype.  Good thing I’m crazy as hell and I have a good sense of humor so I just LOL at the fact that I’m probably making 10 times more money than the idiot who is pre-judging me at that moment.  Then go on with my life.

I started LATISM because a client told me that there were no Latino bloggers.  Now that we are over 150,000 bloggers tweeting our hearts loud and clear with one of the largest Twitter communities out there, I feel that we’ve strengthen our community enough.  So it’s time to come out and swim new waters.  Thank you Babble team for letting this crazy Latina who is nothing but a blogger wannabe with broken English, join this amazing list of bloggers who I’ve always admired.


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