Big Family + Big Movie Collection = Big Peace


How I love our couch, snuggle, movie times.

Having five boys between 4 and 14 is crazy, to say the least, especially in the fall and winter. It gets dark early and they have to retreat inside from playing in the yard. They get along well, and by well I mean they like to do things like host wrestling matches in the living room for fun. This would be fine except for the broken furniture that follows.

Before I had kids I imagined we would all gather around the piano and sing (I think I saw that on Swiss Family Robinson) or we would all gather and take up quiet hobbies as a family. These are obviously the delusions of an only child. As the family grew, I fell in love with the snuggling up on the couch as a family and watching movies. The kids are quiet (yay), snuggled up together (awww) and not hurting themselves or others (whew).

Thanks to movies (that we own or stream in) I can also avoid over saturating them with commercials. I’m no fan of the constant ads that make kids want and want and want. Having the ability top cut down a little on the ads is great for me as a parent. Now that we have the Xbox 360, we really love to gather and snuggle up to watch movies as it gets dark so early.

Here are some of the movies that we all love to snuggle up and watch on the Xbox 360. (Can I just say thank goodness for home entertainment? No driving, no lines, no crazy high ticket prices for seven people. Yay!)

  • The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown never gets old. 1 of 9
    The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown never gets old.
    My oldest may be a ghost this year! Classic sheet with holes and all.
  • Even my husband will sit through a Santa Clause movie with the boys 2 of 9
    Even my husband will sit through a Santa Clause movie with the boys
    The boys can't get enough of these. Me? I'm more of a classic Christmas movie gal, but I'm always happy when they are all quietly watching together. (Hee hee)
  • Muppets? Always awesome. 3 of 9
    Muppets? Always awesome.
    Big beautiful TVs and sound make the cheesiness of old Muppet movies extra cute.
  • I say there are two groups of people in the world 4 of 9
    I say there are two groups of people in the world
    Classic Grinch fans and Jim Carey as Grinch fans. I'm a classic Grinch fan myself.
  • Elf. ‘Nuff said 5 of 9
    Elf. 'Nuff said
    I do not let the little guys watch this one, they seem to have an 'obnoxious radar' that mimics anything they see!
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer 6 of 9
    Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
    "But I really want to be a Dentist!"
  • We watch Babar all year round 7 of 9
    We watch Babar all year round
    What is it that makes Babar so perfect? A well-mannered elephant in a green's hard not to be awesome.
  • Thanksgiving Peanuts 8 of 9
    Thanksgiving Peanuts
    This one is often overshadowed, but this is a super cute movie.
  • The Polar Express 9 of 9
    The Polar Express
    Despite the creepy human face of the main character, the kids watch this one all the time. "Hot, hot, hot, hot chocolate!"


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