blissing my heart -- the thanksgiving edition


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!  This week, I thought I’d do my post a day early — because if there’s a day that’s dedicated to gratitude, I believe this is definitely that day.  I hope all of you in the United States are gearing up for a wonderful time.

As I mentioned last week, my family and I headed out of town for the holiday, and goodness knows, we needed it.  My husband is English, and I’m from Trinidad, which means that our family doesn’t really have a long-standing Thanksgiving tradition; that said, this doesn’t keep us from being truly grateful for this trip abroad, and the concentrated family time it’s affording us.  Couple this with a few incredible experiences — not the least of which was watching returning soldiers marching through the streets of the town we’re staying in to the sounds of enthusiastic applause — and I am completely filled with gratitude.

Here’s what our week has looked like so far:






With that, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, wherever in the world you may be.  And on this special day of gratitude, I do hope you’ll share with me what you’re particularly grateful for, this time of year.