2014 Boston Marathon: My Day in Pictures


I joined 36,ooo others Monday to run the Boston Marathon. I knew the day would be incredibly significant and filled with powerful emotion, that was part of the reason I wanted and needed to be there. The Boston Marathon is the most prestigious marathon, the cream of the crop, but the 118th running on April 21, 2014, was something all its own. With every step from Hopkinton to Boylston Street, I felt an overwhelming sense of love and support. I soaked it up and gave it back. It was truly an honor to be out there wearing bib number 13368, sharing the day and proudly doing my part to represent the strength of this awesome city and its amazing running community.  Capturing the feelings of the day would take pages, so I decided to share my experience in images. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?!

  • 118th 1 of 26
    118th BM

    So happy to be back in Boston for the 118th Boston Marathon.

  • Runner Checkin 2 of 26

    Waiting anxiously inline to check in and pick up my runner's packet.

  • Wonderful Volunteers 3 of 26

    Such helpful volunteers, everywhere.

  • It’s official 4 of 26

    It's official, I am bib number 13368.

  • Meeting the Man 5 of 26
    KT Tape Event

    Meeting KT Tape President John Mackay at their booth at the Expo, and getting taped up.

  • Taped Up 6 of 26
    All Taped Up

    Love this stuff. Getting taped up by John to support my knee for Monday's race and One Fund Boston. 

  • Sharing the Message 7 of 26
    Sharing the message

    Sharing the message of #KTtapeHonors and the KT Tape One Fund donation with NECN.

  • Hello friend 8 of 26
    Kara Goucher

    Saying hello to my friend and fellow Olympian Kara Goucher at the Expo. She's given me quite a few pointers for my training in the last few years.

  • Saucony Stop 9 of 26
    Had to take a break and swing by my favorite shoe's display at the expo.

    Stopping by my friends at Saucony to check out their display. Only running shoe I've worn since 1996.

  • Visiting the Finish Line 10 of 26

    Had to come to the finish on Sunday and cement in my head the line I needed to cross on race day.

  • What cold 11 of 26

    Fighting the chest cold I have in every possible way.

  • I Heart Boston 12 of 26
    Boston Heart

    Adding my Boston tattoo to show my love.

  • Ready to Run 13 of 26
    Ready to Run

    All suited up and ready to run in the special shirt my daughter and I made to celebrate her 8th birthday.

  • Fighting it off 14 of 26

    Getting my last bout of coughing out and fighting through so I was ready to run. It wasn't easy but I the moment helped. 

  • Morning Joe 15 of 26

    Grabbing a little joe to go from the runner's beverage buffet at the hotel. It's early and I need the kick-start.

  • Taking the T 16 of 26
    T Bound

    Getting on the T in Cambridge heading to the buses tents at Boylston St.

  • On the Bus 17 of 26
    Coach & student

    On the bus with my coach and running partner John.

  • Goop 18 of 26

    Gooping up my toes for the 26.2 miles. Makes a HUGE difference for me, and Aquaphor is my go-to.

  • NBC Boston Strong 19 of 26
    Natalie and I

    Showing our #BostonStrong. Natalie Morales and I having a little fun before the race.

  • Corral 20 of 26

    Wave 2 is moving and corral 5 is ready to roll.

  • Coach John & I 21 of 26
    Ready to Run

    My NYRR Virtual Training Coach John and I at the start: Wave 2, Corral 5.

  • Feeling great 22 of 26

    Running along and feeling great.

  • 20 Miles 23 of 26

    Around the 20 mile mark I spotted my friends, yelling for me. It was great.

  • Finisher 24 of 26

    I'm officially a two-time Boston Marathon finisher. And the moment is so rewarding. I'm so thankful to the city of Boston, the running community, and everyone who cheered or volunteered. 3:25:35.

  • Made It 25 of 26
    Made it

    Thanks to a good pace and awesome transpo, I made it to Logan in plenty of time to make my flight home for my daughter's 8th birthday celebration. It was delayed, but I did my part.

  • Heading Home 26 of 26
    Homeward Bound

    On my flight as a finisher and a happy mama because I'll get to have cake with my daughter.

And just so you can feel what I felt, here’s a little glimpse (in the form of a shaky iPhone video) of my moment coming down Bolyston street. It was so incredible and so emotional.