Can I Say That My iPhone Makes me a Better Mom?


It’s no secret I love taking pictures. I take some great shots and lots of what professional photographers would call garbage shots. I love them all. They are the fun, blurry, sad, exciting, beautiful, sweet moments caught in time.

I was taking pictures of my orchids when I looked up and saw my children playing snow. Instead of thinking, “Oh No! The mess of cleaning up all those packing peanuts,” like I normally would. (What? I’m being honest here, OK?) I took this photo and smiled as they played and pretended to make snow angels.

My love of capturing magic moments is what was my catalyst to step outside of the stress of daily chaos and enjoy the magic of the moment. So, yes, sometimes my iPhone really does make me a better mom.

It is snowing in Tennessee!

I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right? How has photography (iPhone or DSLR) helped you to enjoy the little magical moments more?