Carpe Summer: My Bucket List


The countdown to baby’s arrival has begun, and Husband and I have just under 7 weeks to seize the summer as non-parents. The reality of our impending busy-ness and sleep deprivation has officially set in, so naturally, I’m soaking up these last few weeks to plan a few fun summer-friendly activities for the two of us. Care to peek at our list? (It’s a good one!):


1. Host an outdoor movie night on our back porch.
2. Play a rousing game of croquet on a perfect 70 degree afternoon.
3. Take a canoe ride in our neighborhood pond.
4. Sip Italian sodas on our front porch.
5. Watch a movie at the local drive-in.
6. Putt-putt, of course.
7. Eat fried pickles at the county fair.
8. Take a long, scenic country drive and explore someplace new.
9. Try a new burger recipe (I’m thinking this one!).
10. Document our summer together with Wendy’s scrapbook app and bask in the last few memories pre-family-of-three.

Happy summer to you, friends!

A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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