Celebrations with Design Mom Video Series


Happy news! I’m delighted to announce a new video series I’m hosting called Celebrations with Design Mom. The online videos will cover everything wonderful that falls under the Celebrations Umbrella. Birthday parties and baby showers. Halloween and 4th of July. Family get to-gethers and movie nights. First day of school, and last day of school, too! And I promise to keep the segments short — because I know you’re busy.

I’ll be sharing ideas, projects, advice and tips. I’ll let you know what works for our family now, and what we want to try next. I’m super excited to be working on this series, and over the moon that Babble approached me with this idea. With 6 kids, we seem to be celebrating one thing or another every week of the year. : )

I’ve shot 7 videos so far, and 3 of them are all about Halloween! So I’ll be sharing those 3 this week. (Check out the very first one here!)  I hope you enjoy them. I hope you enjoy the whole series! And hey, if you have ideas or topics for future videos, I’d love to hear them — be sure to leave a note in the comments below so I don’t miss it.

Thanks for watching!

P.S. — I am super lucky to be working with Tiger in a Jar as the video team for this series. They are amazing!

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