Miss Lori’s Favorite Characters are Back for the Summer 2013 TV Season

When I was in high school many of my good friends were already in college. So when they would come home for the Summer life got infinitely better. That’s how I feel right now with the commencement of the Summer 2013 TV season. All of my favorite characters are coming home to my TV and life is definitely getting better.

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  • The Summer 2013 TV Season Is Here! 1 of 13
    The Summer 2013 TV Season Is Here!
  • Warehouse 13 SyFy Final Season 4/29 2 of 13
    Warehouse 13 SyFy Final Season 4/29
    I don't really have one favorite character on Warehouse 13, I love them all. But if I am forced into a corner to chose I would have to go with Mrs Frederick, played by CCH Pounder. No one messes with Mrs Frederick and you ever know when she is coming or going. That's power. I am really sad to see this series end as it is a show that my youngest daughter and I look forward to cuddling up and watching together. Well, at least we have this final Summer.
  • Rookie Blue ABC Thursday 9pm CST 5/23 3 of 13
    Rookie Blue  ABC Thursday 9pm CST 5/23
    There are great storylines for all of the characters on Rookie Blue, but my favorite one thus far was the road back from a shooting for rookie Dov Epstein, played by Gregory Smith. I fell in love with the actor Gregory when he was on Everwood years ago. I bought those DVDS for my kids to watch because of all of the great life lessons. Though Rookie Blue is more about catching the bad guys, the character of Dov last season really brought a lot of his humanity to the surface when he shot a young black kid. That was touching to watch. I look forward to seeing what his journey will be this Summer.
  • Longmire A&E Monday 9pm CST 5/27 4 of 13
    Longmire A&E Monday 9pm CST 5/27
    The Longmire characters joined my posse just recently. Such a gritty, no frills show. My favorite character is Deputy Victoria "Vic" Moretti, played with remarkable aplomb by Katee Sackoff. She is the heart of the little law team in the Mountains. But don't underestimate her. She can hold her own in a fight if she needs to. I would definitely want her on my team.
  • The Glades A&E Monday 8pmCST 5/27 5 of 13
    The Glades A&E Monday 8pmCST 5/27
    Detective Jim Longworth, played by Matt Passmore, is absolutely the man I would want to investigate anything that went wrong in my life. He has a nose for the truth, but his search for it is never boring and always leaves you smiling. Even the criminals.
  • Burn Notice USA Final Season Thursday 8pmCST 6/6 6 of 13
    Burn Notice USA Final Season Thursday 8pmCST 6/6
    This is the final season of Burn Notice and I expect it is going to be the hottest ever. I was a fan of this show from jump, but it made me really happy when Coby Bell joined the team as the character of Jesse Bell. I do love the character, but it was the actor that I was attracted to. Not because he is a beautiful young man, but because he is the son of my old Showboat Tour castmate, the glorious Michel Bell. So for me, Jesse aka Coby is like family.
  • Major Crimes Monday TNT 8pmCST 6/10 7 of 13
    Major Crimes Monday TNT 8pmCST 6/10
    I'm really looking forward to this season of Major Crimes to see how the sudo parent/child relationship of Captain Raydor (Mary McDonnel) and Rusty (Graham Patrick Martin) evolves. Rusty has allowed us to see the heart of Captain Raydor beneath her steely exterior, and the show is all the better for it.
  • Necessary Roughness USA Wednesday 9pmCST 6/12 8 of 13
    Necessary Roughness USA Wednesday 9pmCST 6/12
    Ever since Necessary Roughness came on the air I have felt that Dr Dani, (Callie Thorne), and I are kindred spirits. I am living through her journey of self discovery after her whole world is turned upside down by her unfaithful husband. I love how she is digging her way to the surface all the while being the best mother she knows how to be with her two teenage kids. Her "human"ness is comforting.
  • Royal Pains USA Wednesday 8pmCST 6/12 9 of 13
    Royal Pains USA Wednesday 8pmCST 6/12
    The doctor is in again! Hooray! But that's not who I want an appointment with. I am looking to see Jill Casey, (Jill Flint). I am hoping she will return from her international travels and move back into the storyline permanently. Long Island is just not the same without her quick wit, compassionate nature and winning smile.
  • Rizzoli & Isles TNT Tuesday 8pmCST 6/25 10 of 13
    Rizzoli & Isles TNT Tuesday 8pmCST 6/25
    I was a little worried when R & I first premiered because I have long since been a fan of author Tess Gerittsen's series about these characters. I was even more concerned when I saw the promo that had Dr Maura Isles, (Sasha Alexander), as such a fashion plate in stark contrast to the books. But the chemistry between Jane and Maura won me over immediately. Now I covet their friendship with extreme longing. It's that magnetic.
  • Perception TNT Tuesday 9pmCST 6/25 11 of 13
    Perception TNT Tuesday 9pmCST 6/25
    Dr Daniel Pierce, (Eric McCormack), like many of us is an accomplished person with flaws. And he has to work at balancing the good with the bad, in his case his mental illness. But he fights every day to keep the voices at bay and function so he can make a difference not just in his own life but in the lives of people who depend on him. I get it.
  • Covert Affairs USA Tuesday 8pmCST 7/16 12 of 13
    Covert Affairs USA Tuesday 8pmCST 7/16
    Covert Affairs always gets my blood pumping. The characters are so fully developed and the storylines so rich. I have to say it is the very complicated Joan Campbell, (Kari matchett), that I look forward to watching the most though. All of the obstacles she has had to overcome to push through the glass ceiling at the CIA and make a name for herself, one that isn't affected by her husband is amazing. And to do so while hampered by an addiction, is nothing short of miraculous. And I love her all the more for it.
  • Suits USA Tuesday 9pmCST 7/16 13 of 13
    Suits USA Tuesday 9pmCST 7/16
    I know, I know, you probably think I am going to call out Jessica Pearson, (Gina Torres), from Suits as my favorite character. Beleive me she is someone I want on my team, for anything. But it's the scrappy Rachel Zane, (Meghan Markle), that stands out the most for me. She is not satisfied to stand on anyone's shoulders but her own. It is really admirable. I can't wait to see what she grows up to be ultimately.


Who are your favorite Summer TV characters? Invite them over and let’s get this Summer party started.


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