Clothes to Buy Your Niece & Nephew That Won't Get Regifted


Have you ever purchased an article of clothing for a niece or nephew for Christmas, only to never see it again. Even worse than not seeing it, how about finding it in a hand-me-down bag years later with the tags still attached. Or last but not least, how about getting it as a gift for your kids the next year? Ouch!

The best way to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you is by giving a good gift in the first place. It is possible to find trendy and stylish offerings for that hip kid in your life. Target has some awesome choices and our kids love their selection. Below we’ve pulled a few pieces from the Target website to provide you with inspiration.

Do you keep your family festively stylish during the holidays? We’re giving away three $50 Target giftcards to brighten the season! To enter for a chance to win, simply comment on this post with a personal tip on how you dress your children conveniently — and with style — during the holidays!

Disclaimer: “A big thanks to Target for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.”


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