You know, it’s sort of hard not to have a great week when it starts with a holiday, don’t you think?  It was Labor Day here in the United States, and I want to tell you that we celebrated in fine form — by doing pretty much absolutely nothing.  It was heavenly.  In fact, I vote all weeks start with holidays.  What do you say — you feelin’ me?

The rest of the week, actually, was pretty good as well, and as I review the photographs that I took commemorating them, I realize that it was a week full of connections:  I spent time connecting with my family, with an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while, and with myself, on a short nature walk (now that the temperature is finally south of 100 degrees here in Houston, I could do it!).  And now that my daughter is back at school and I have the house to myself, I even launched an online course that is helping people from all around the world connect.  It’s been lovely.

So here’s my week in picture form, for which I’m very grateful:





What have you been grateful for this week?  Don’t hold back.

And have a wonderful, wonderful weekend, friends.