Conspicuous Consumption: 10 Things The Triplets Totally Waste

Don't let the cute grins fool you.

So, we do our best. You know, to play our part. In making this planet a greener one, that is. I mean, we recycle. And we’ve got one of those bad-ass, water-saving washing machines that emits more chirps than a turned-on R2D2. And our dog drinks from toilet, so there’s that, too. (Note to self — do NOT let Briggs lick the baby…)

But we’ve also got five kids who are prone to leaving the lights on as well as the faucets running. I mean, hell, they’ve pretty much already drained my wife and me of all our energy. So there’s that, too. Point? Despite our best intentions, we’re probably leaving a carbon footprint the size of one Bigfoot might make. If he were wearing flippers.

And our four-year old triplets aren’t helping with their conspicuous consumption — aka their wastefulness. Not that they’re different from any other four-year-olds out there. They’re not. There’s just three of them which makes them a triple threat when it comes to wasting their favorite things. And those things would be…

  • Toothpaste 1 of 10
    The triplets use so much toothpaste, it's a joke. In their defense, it's not so much that they intentionally waste it -- more just that they insist on dispensing it from the tube themselves. Which they lack the coordination to do. So they squeeze super-hard and the next thing you know, the bathroom counter's got a smiley face on it. Which they proceed to treat like finger paint.
  • Mouthwash 2 of 10
    I recently began bribing the triplets with mouthwash to get them to brush their teeth without a fuss. Now they're all "Daddy my breath stinks. I better have some moufwash." The way I see it, though? If they're going to insist on being wasteful, at least they'll do so while having strong teeth and minty-fresh breath, right?
  • Stickers 3 of 10
    It's not just all the stickers they waste. It's where they put them. If we let them run wild with this fixation, the official color of my vehicle would be "sponge-bob sticker."
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  • Glue 4 of 10
    See that box of glue up there? It'd last us a week. Tops. Why do kids fail to understand that you just don't need a shit-ton of Elmer's to get the triangle cutout to stick on a piece of construction paper?
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  • Construction paper 5 of 10
    Construction paper
    Speaking of construction paper, the resulting mess left in the wake of the over-gluer requires more "do overs," hence more pieces of construction paper, than tree lover would care to know.
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  • Glitter 6 of 10
    The only thing worse than the wasteful amounts of glue and construction paper is the preposterous amount of glitter which so often accompanies it. I swear, whenever I facilitate these artsy endeavors, I end up looking like Ke$ha outta the deal.
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  • Band aids 7 of 10
    Band aids
    I know. You were expecting this one. Because everyone knows that kids like band aids. Yet my question is this: does anyone really know why?
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  • ChapStick 8 of 10
    Not sure which bothers me more the fact that they smear that stuff on by the centimeter, or the fact that they're constantly asking me to smell their lips.
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  • Hand soap 9 of 10
    Hand soap
    Go figure. The same three kids who pitch a fit each and every time they're asked to bathe can't get enough of the hand soap. Which just proves they should come up with a way to put vegetables in a pump dispenser, no?
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  • Sidewalk chalk 10 of 10
    Sidewalk chalk
    Within minutes, a new piece of chalk turns into a barely-usable shard that looks suddenly resembles a weapon of some sort. Which, I suppose, is appropriate given that the triplets come off like little gangsta, what with all the (misspelled) driveway graffiti they're rocking.
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So what did I forget? What do your kids waste?

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