Coolest Lines at Disneyland

Everyone wants to go to the Disneyland Resort on days when the ride lines and wait times are short. When we go to Disneyland we use apps to tell us how long the lines are at our favorite rides, before we even get in line. It’s good to know what to expect.

But a wait time of 20-45 minutes is not a deal breaker when it comes to some attractions. In fact, you almost need the time to appreciate the whole gestalt.

There are certain rides at Disneyland where waiting in line is part of the ride experience. When the wait time is an hour or less, we’ll still happily head to these rides.

Did you know there are rides that sell refreshments to you while you wait? Want to know which rides my kids will stand in line for twice? Which rides show films while you wait? Click through to find out.

Here’s a round up of our favorite ride lines at Disneyland!

  • Best Disneyland Ride Lines 1 of 15
    Best Disneyland Ride Lines
  • Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters 2 of 15
    Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasters
    You'll feel like you are already playing the game while waiting on this fast moving line. Animated scenes and vignettes featuring Buzz and friends break up the wait. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Autopia 3 of 15
    This line is broken up with animated bits and the thrill of several views of the course you'll be driving. The line usually moves quickly, but gives you the chance to try and guess which color car you'll get. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Big Thunder Mountain 4 of 15
    Big Thunder Mountain
    Another fast moving line broken up by great views of the ride and awesome mining vignettes and paraphrenalia to keep you from getting bored. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Gadget’s Go Coaster 5 of 15
    Gadget's Go Coaster
    You won't stay in place for very long in this fast moving line but make sure to appreciate the "gadgets" - a bridge comprised of a giant comb, pencils and rubber bands is one of our faves. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Grizzly River Run 6 of 15
    Grizzly River Run
    As you wind your way through this line you'll find scenes and equipment from past expeditions and shaded respite. The line is rarely stagnant, so even when it's long, you'll keep moving and you'll get some great glances at the passing rafters experiencing the thrill ride that awaits you. One of the few rides my kids will stand in line for twice! Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Star Tours 7 of 15
    Star Tours
    Perhaps the most interactive line wait in Disneyland, Star Tours entertains with numerous animated scenes featuring characters, and an oversizes screen showing commercials for the various destinations you might be headed to. You really feel like you are on the ride the moment you enter the intergalactic space port. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Tarzan’s Tree House 8 of 15
    Tarzan's Tree House
    The line IS the attraction at Tarzan's tree house. Walk through this multistory home and end with hands on activities. There's almost never a wait here. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Splash Mountain 9 of 15
    Splash Mountain
    This is a line that can get pretty long on peak days in summer, but scenery inside the ride keeps you entertained while you wait. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Tower of Terror 10 of 15
    Tower of Terror
    This is another fine example of a ride where the experience begins in line. Savor the scenery as you wait for the plunge. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • The Haunted Mansion 11 of 15
    The Haunted Mansion
    Pass by the pet cemetary, and check out the hearse as you wind your way around the mansion. Once inside, you're treated to a clever elevator and a portrait filled hallway that are certainly part of the ride. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Indiana Jones 12 of 15
    Indiana Jones
    Get transported to another world when you enter the line for this ride. There are ropes to pull and ruins to explore. Look for a hidden Mickey on the ceiling while the film plays in one of the many interior chambers. Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Jungle Cruise 13 of 15
    Jungle Cruise
    You'll enjoy a mini museum of relics and curiousities as you wend your way through this fast moving line. Worth the wait!Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Radiator Racers 14 of 15
    Radiator Racers
    The excitement of this ride would be enough for my family to wait patiently. Disney has made the line a little less tedious with decorative scenery and signage that transport you to Route 66 - full of nostalgia. Refreshments are often sold to patrons waiting in line. Sustenance! Photo Credit: Disneyland
  • Space Mountain 15 of 15
    Space Mountain
    The moment you get on line for this psychedelic space coaster, you are in another world. Enjoy the lights and mod tech scene while you wait for one of the most beloved rides in the park. Photo Credit: Disneyland

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