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As a kid, I wanted toys. A lot of them. Walking through Toys ‘R’ Us was probably very traumatic for my mother. I remember how much bargaining and frustration I threw at my mom. The fact that she is still sane after two boys with an equal hunger for cool toys is a miracle. She rarely gave in. She rarely lost her temper about it.

Fast forward to present day. I’ve grown to accept “delayed gratification” and all that. I’m good at it. I like savoring the idea of something so that when I get the thing I want, I enjoy that much more. I enjoy the waiting game a little more now.


The creators behind have made some amazing figurines as an homage to Star Wars in several genres of film!


  • Style #1: Serial Wars! 1 of 42

    As puts it:

    "Serial Wars is a line of custom figures that continues my experiment of isolating elements and emphasizing them individually.  The line is intended to be look like the old retro sci-fi serials of the 40's like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon."

    Prepare for a journey that will melt your eyeballs with awesomeness...

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Serial Wars: The Good Guys 2 of 42

    The good guys.

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Cecil 3000 and Rand-2000 3 of 42

    Meet Cecil 3000 and Rand-2000. Remind you of anyone? C3PO and R2D2 have never looked cooler.


    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Rand-2000 4 of 42

    Close up on Rand-2000 reveals radness are off the chart.

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Cecil 3000 5 of 42

    Cecil-3000 looks like he could use a little spit shine.

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Capt. Hawk Solar and Ch’aw Bok’lar 6 of 42

    These two are best friends. Capt. Hawk Solar and Ch'aw Bok'lar. Have you heard of them?

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Ch’aw Bok’lar 7 of 42

    Meet Ch'aw Bok'lar. He's a furry dude with a grumpy disposition.

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Capt. Hawk Solar 8 of 42

    Capt. Hawk... Han Solo has never looked cooler!

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Lash Starwarrior 9 of 42

    Lash Starwarrior wears a codpiece and he's built like Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can't believe I just spelled Schwarzenegger correctly on four hours of sleep.

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Princess Lura 10 of 42

    It's not the classic crescent rolls on her ears, but Princess Lura has a classic hairstyle here!

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Sir Orion Kindros 11 of 42

    Sir Orion Kindros knows that if you strike him down, he will become more powerful than you could ever imagine. Especially with that helmet. Man, that thing is so cool.

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Dark Vanquisher & His Men 12 of 42

    Dark Vanquisher leads his starsoldiers and Buzz Fury in battle against the Force!

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Dark Vanquisher 13 of 42

    Dark Vanquisher is a badass. No, that's not a camera on his chest.

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Buzz Fury 14 of 42

    Buzz Fury is a bounty hunter with some serious quad muscles. It's probably from all the jetpack flying.

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Starsoldiers 15 of 42

    Starsoldiers. Are they clones? I dare you to try to take off one of their masks!

    Image via Sillof's Workshop

  • Style #2: Noir Wars 16 of 42

    Moving on to our next genre, what if the Star Wars characters were in a crime drama, more specifically NOIR! As Sillof puts it:

    " The line is meant to be a pure film noir with no elements of fantasy or sci fi.  You have all the archetypes of classic noir:  old disillusioned cops, reporters, dirty cops, the mob, the femme fatale, the private detective, etc."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Noir Wars: The Bad Guys 17 of 42

    Meet the baddies!

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Detective Dante Victor 18 of 42

    Darth Vader's equivalent is Detective Dante Victor:

    "Victor is your classic dirty cop.  Paid to clean up the crime but actually taking payoffs and making sure the mob has protection."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Bruno Feretta 19 of 42

    Bruno Feretta is a mafia hitman. He doesn't have a jetpack. He doesn't need one:

    "Feretta is a mafia hitman from Sicily brought in to help Victor regain control."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Special Task Force / Enforcers 20 of 42

    Dante Victor's Special Task Force / Enforcers are just hired thugs, not unlike clones. As Sillof says:

    "This is Victor's taskforce of goons and thugs who are the backbone of his operation."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Art Deter & Chip Pepperdino 21 of 42

    Can you tell these two probably get on each other's nerves like C3PO and R2D2?

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Art Deter 22 of 42

    From Sillof:

    "Art Deter is a photographer for the San Francisco Sentinel. Always first on the scene this little guy tries a little too hard to get involved in the cases and stories they cover."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Chip Pepperdino 23 of 42

    Chip Pepperdino knows a thing or five:

    "Chip is a reporter for the San Francisco Sentinel.  Always around the action but preferring not to be part of it."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Detective Benton Karnaby 24 of 42

    Detective Benton Karnaby

    "He is your jaded & haggard old detective cop. He has seen all the corruption and this is last case."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Hawk Solomon PI & Chuck Bocco 25 of 42

    These two are on a mission!

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Chuck Bocco 26 of 42

    Chuck Bocco is the muscle of this operation.

    "Chuck is an immigrant worker on the docks. He owes Solomon from a previous case and serves as his muscle when needed. He speaks in a foreign language no one understands."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Master & Apprentice 27 of 42

    Master and apprentice.

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • New Item 27 28 of 42

    Hawk Solomon P.I. looks like he's just about the facts, ma'am.

    "Hawk is your classic private detective."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Patrolman Lash Skylark 29 of 42

    Patrolman Lash Skylark is  rookie but he carries a weapon from a more civilized time. A baton.

    "Lance is your naive rookie cop, who is brought into the world of dirty cops and organized crime."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Lola O’Gannon 30 of 42

    Lola O'Gannon knows how to fire a blaster, I mean a gun.

    "Lola is your classic femme fetale."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Style #2: World Wars 31 of 42

    "A very fun element to the Custom Con is the occasional team-up, where 2 customizers work together on a line. I am a big fan of the work of a guy named Glorbes. So when we decided to do something together I was very excited. "

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • 1st Lt. CHUCK BACKER 32 of 42

    1st Lt. CHUCK BACKER means one thing: bizness.

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Imperial Winter Troopers 33 of 42

    Imperial Winter Troopers are for winter.

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Reichsführer Vater 34 of 42

    Reichsführer Vater. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! More on him:

    "Reichsführer of a Einsatzgruppen, or special task force, known as the Todesstern, he was tasked with the most high level and important missions."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Battle Droid Mk. C3 35 of 42

    Battle Droid Mk. C3 is a protocol droid with a slimmer frame:

    "As an early automated automaton designed as a smaller tank operated on radio command signals for more close quarter combat then a Sherman tank can offer. He features a desert tan color scheme and replacement leg in battleship gray and features a machine gun arm."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • General Ben Kenworthy 36 of 42

    General Ben Kenworthy:

    "A battle tested soldier and seasoned veteran of WWI. The General is called back up to active duty to oversea a dangerous rescue mission with ties from his past."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Imperial Motor Scout 37 of 42

    Imperial Motor Scout is so COOL LOOKING!!!

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Bodo Vett 38 of 42

    Bodo Vett

    "Bodo Vett was a member of the Fallschirmjäger, elite paratroopers.

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Capt. Hank Solowski 39 of 42

    Capt. Hank Solowski is a top pilot. Obviously.

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Corp. Lucas S. Walker 40 of 42

    Corp. Lucas S. Walker looks so much like Luke Skywalker but his lightsaber needs a power cord. So there's that.

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Battle Droid Mk. D2 41 of 42

    This Battle Droid Mk. D2 knows know to take care of some bidness:

    "Designed as a smaller manned tank, the Mk. D2 can be piloted by a smaller framed driver. His is more of a utility model then a combat weapon. The driver can access the vehicle from an access hatch located on the top of the unit. He offers assistance in the form of tools, fuel, and war supplies."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

  • Imperial Stormtrooper 42 of 42

    This Imperial Stormtrooper is bad news.

    "The backbone of the secret order of the SS, the Todesstern, was the Sturmsoldat, or Stormtrooper."

    Photo via Sillof's Workshop

So, if you are listening, I’m coming for you!!!! Cash in hand.

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