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Dish to the Rescue!

Watching football while remodeling a kitchen! Easy when you have DISH!

I love football. From Youth League all the way up through the NFL, I love it all. Each level of competition stands out in its own way.

For sheer athleticism and physical prowess, the NFL is the pinnacle of the sport. For exuberance, emotion, and spirit, you can’t beat a high school game on Friday night. The college game tugs at your loyalties, as you live or die with your Alma Mater. And the youth leagues remind me that, even though the game now involves billions of dollars, and lawsuits and unions and strikes and all the other mess that goes along with it, in the end, football is still just a game.

It’s just play.

We’re in the depths of the football season right now, which poses something of a dilemma for me.

You see, back in March, I started a small 9 day renovation project. I planned to remodel our kitchen for my wife. And by remodel, what I really mean is to’ gut the thing down to the studs and subfloor, tear out walls’ and rebuild it from the joists to the rafters.

Yeah, in just 9 days.

Needless to say, I missed my deadline and the project has become a 9 month project. While we are nearing completion, I am still spending most of my weekends in the kitchen working to finish it before Thanksgiving.

So I had a problem: How could I watch my football and still finish the kitchen on my new, revised schedule? Without a TV or room for one in the kitchen, and no connection even if I moved one in, I was pretty much out of luck. I was going to miss football season. As an ardent Tennessee Vol fan, this turned out to be somewhat of a good thing.

Fortunately, about two years ago, we had switched to DISH Network from one of their competitors based on their lower price and better reliability, and one of the new services we bought was their  TV Everywhere technology. TV Everywhere will send your programming anywhere you have an internet connection and to just about any device out there. Using this technology, you can watch live programming, remotely set your DVR to record programming, watch recorded programming, or even change the channel on your home box if you want to mess with your spouse or your kids.

You don’t even have to have a TV to use the TV Everywhere. DISH can send the programming to a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Using it could not be simpler. Plug the Dish box into your home network. Connect the Sling adapter to your DVR. Download the DISH Remote Access App to your Smartphone or tablet, or log in to dishonline.com from any web connected computer and start watching TV. The slideshow below will show you just how simple it really is.

  • Dish DVR with SlingBox Built In 1 of 18
    Dish DVR with SlingBox Built In
    I have a DISH DVR with Sling capability built in. You may have a separate Slingbox. Either way, the connections are similar. You need to connect video, sound, signal, and network to your DVR. If your Slingbox is separate, you will plug it into your DVR, and the network into the Slingbox.
  • Signal Connections 2 of 18
    Signal Connections
    The connections may be overwhelming at first, but each one is clearly labeled to make the job easier. Just take them one at a time. Turning the DVR around lets you see what you are doing. Just be sure you leave enough slack in the cables to turn it back around once you've connected everything! Connect the lines from your dish to the DVR. The coax will be labelled 1 and 2 if you have a dual system. Make sure you connect them to the correct jacks.
  • Ethernet(Network) connection 3 of 18
    Ethernet(Network) connection
    First, connect a CAT 5 cable to the ethernet port on the DVR. If you don't know what a CAT 5 cable or an ethernet port is, ask your 5th grader! Connect the other end to your router. If you don't know what a router is, step away from the DVR, fix yourself a cold drink, and let your 5th grader handle it.
  • Video Connection 4 of 18
    Video Connection
    There are three choices for video. Composite, which is the lowest quality and usually uses a yellow cable. Component is the next step up and requires three connections. And HDMI, which gives the best possible picture quality. I use an HDMI cable and here's a tip: buy your HDMI cables from an online retailer. A cable that will set you back $30-80 in a brick and mortar store can be found online for under $10.
  • Audio Connection 5 of 18
    Audio Connection
    Again, there are multiple choices, from optical audio for high end sound systems to good old fashioned stereo connectors. Choose your connection and that's it! You are done!
  • DISH online for computer viewing 6 of 18
    DISH online for computer viewing
    If you are going to watch TV remotely on a computer, then go to www.DISHonline.com and log in to your DISH account. If you don't have a user account, creating one is easy. You will need your DISH account number, available on your bill, or the receiver number, located on the back of the receiver, or your phone number.
  • Watching a program online 7 of 18
    Watching a program online
    Once you've created your account and logged in, you are ready to go! Selecting the guide button will load a program grid customized to your account.
  • Program grid 8 of 18
    Program grid
    Select the show you want to watch or record by clicking on the title. If you click on a program that has not started yet, the DVR will default to record mode and won't offer you the choice to watch the program. If you are tuning in early, just select the show currently running on the channel your show will be on.
  • Watch or record? 9 of 18
    Watch or record?
    DISH gives you the option to record the show, or to watch it online or on the TV hooked up to the DVR. If your kids have lost the remote, or the dog chewed it up, any computer, tablet, or smartphone becomes a fully functional remote!
  • Downloading the software. 10 of 18
    Downloading the software.
    The first time you try to watch a program, you may need to download some software. The DISH wizard painlessly guides you through the process.
  • Using your DVR 11 of 18
    Using your DVR
    If you want to watch a show you recorded earlier, just select DVR from the menu.
  • DVR List 12 of 18
    DVR List
    Choose from a list of recordings. The program will also show you upcoming recordings, and any conflicts that may arise.
  • Tablets and Smartphones 13 of 18
    Tablets and Smartphones
    First download the DISH Remote Control app from Google play or iTunes. Install it on your tablet or phone. Click the app to launch it.
  • Logo screen 14 of 18
    Logo screen
    After the logo screen, you will be asked to log in to your DISH network account. This tells the server which Slingbox to connect.
  • Programming Grid 15 of 18
    Programming Grid
    Once again, a grid will pop up on your screen with all of your channels. Select one to watch.
  • Watch or Record? 16 of 18
    Watch or Record?
    Again, you have the choice to watch the show, or set your DVR to record it.
  • Here or There? 17 of 18
    Here or There?
    The DISH Remote app lets you watch the show on your device, or at home. This can be fun when you change the channels on your spouse/kids while at work!
  • Enjoy the show! 18 of 18
    Enjoy the show!
    And now you are watching TV Everywhere!

Making things even better for me is the Multi-Sport Pak, which includes NFL Redzone. I get to keep up with all the games every Sunday and still make progress on the kitchen.

I just bring my tablet into the kitchen, fire up the DISH Remote Access App, and I’ve got live football in my kitchen s I hang a new ceiling, or finish new cabinets or lay a new floor, or…

Yeesh. Did I say a 9 month project? Maybe 10 months!

A big thanks to DISH for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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