Disney Magic: An Overview

Think of your most favorite song in the world. Now imagine it playing over and over and over and over and over and over. You’d need a break from it right? That’s what most of our family vacations have felt like up to this point. We have so much fun, but by the end we’re done. We come home feeling as though we need a vacation from our vacation. Enter the cruise. While a regular vacation can sometimes feel like your favorite song on repeat, a cruise is like listening to your favorite song and having it stop right before the best part.


That’s how I feel after spending the past seven days on the Disney Magic with my oldest daughter, Addie. When we got on last Saturday it felt incredible to know there was an entire week in front of us, but come Tuesday afternoon someone hit fast forward and the week absolutely flew by. As I sit here in cruise afterglow it’s starting to sink in that I didn’t even do everything I could have done. There were restaurants I didn’t visit, pools I didn’t swim in, theaters I didn’t watch movies at and spa treatments I didn’t get. Don’t get me wrong, I did plenty. But I could have done so much more! Cody was slightly annoyed with me as I started planning our next Disney Cruise before I had even unpacked from the first.

I’m certainly no cruise expert, I went on my first one back in August with just my husband and we had a spectacular time being together. When you’re on a cruise you can’t use your phone, you can’t check your email and you can’t fritter away your time on Facebook. I mean, you could, but you’d be spending an awful lot of money to do it and the slow connection speeds would likely make you jump ship. If there’s any parents out there who have lost touch with each other, or with their teenagers, take them on a cruise. It will only take about 24 hours before they realize they’re stuck for a week without their phones and another 24 hours for you to all be connected again as a family.

**clears throat and goes into pitchman voice**

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing who you cruise with, so why choose Disney Cruise Lines? I know what you’re thinking, Disney Cruises are for children! They’re overrun by little snot nosed brats and there’s nothing to eat but macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers! Oh ho ho, are you wrong my friend. There are actually as many places to get away from children as there are places to be with them. Half of an entire deck is dedicated to taking care of and entertaining children in a way only Disney can. As I talked to other guests on our cruise I realized there were just as many people without children as there were people with them. Disney, while synonymous with family entertainment, also means an entirely different level of service and expectations. It means innovative experiences and the best the industry has to offer. Why? Because it’s Disney.

Our cruise director Peter put it perfectly when he said “At Disney we believe fireworks belong at every party, which is why we’re the only cruise line that has permission to fire them off in the middle of the ocean.” another perk of a Disney cruise is the opportunity to see first run, newly released or not-yet released Disney movies “Why?” said Peter with a wink, “Because we’re Disney, we own them and we can do whatever we want with them, that’s why.”

It’s an overwhelming and exhilarating process trying to put into words what the last week was like for us. For people who have already been on a Disney Cruise, you are probably nodding your head going “Yup.” because you know. For those of you who have never cruised before or who have never been on a Disney Cruise…there is a difference. A dramatic wonderful and magical difference that appeals to every age, every stage of life and every situation.

Our party consisted of two single ladies in different stages of life, a mom and her 4 year old son as well as Addie and myself. We all had fun. We all felt everything was tailored perfectly for each one of us. It was the attention to detail, the genuine enthusiasm of the staff and the high standards they all held themselves to that really elevated the experience. The people on that ship loved their jobs. If I had a long enough conversation with any one of them they readily admitted to how much they loved what they do.

When you start with good people, good things happen. And good things happened last week. I look forward to sharing some of the things I learned, some of the secrets as well as some of the fantastic people I met and experiences I had while on board. My ultimate goal? To get my in-laws who are some of the most experienced cruisers I know to take a Disney Cruise and realize they are not overrun by kids and that they will have the best vacation ever. (It wouldn’t hurt if they took us along either.) 😉

Over at my personal blog I’ve already started to document some of the feeeeeeelings I had while on the cruise. The ones I had to get down right in the moment lest I forget them forever. First off is the opportunity the cruise gave me to stand back and watch my baby blossom. Secondly, she turned eight on the ship. There will never be any way to outdo her 8th birthday, ever.

Article Posted 3 years Ago
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