Disney Story App for the Storytellers in Your Family

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I am a storyteller. I am the keeper of our family’s stories.

Summer rainy day puzzles, playing accordion on the porch, and catching blue crab. Tell the story of your summer.I realize that our family’s memories may one day be shaped by how I captured them today, and yet… I am a lazy storyteller. More specifically, I am a lazy story capture-er. All because I was an avid photographer.

Photography used to be a passion of mine. In college, I lived in the darkroom, developing film and experimenting with filters until well after security had locked the doors to the old chemistry building that housed the darkroom in the attic. I knew just the ground-floor broken window that would let me sneak in and out, though, and I used it.

Over time, I began to recognize that I was living my life through that series of filters. My camera lived in my hand; there was always a lens between me and what I was experiencing. I was missing some of the vibrancy of my life even while I was living it.

I put the camera away. For a long time.

After so long behind the lens, I decided I wanted to see my life unfiltered all the time. If I wanted photos, someone else had better be shooting them. I never took my camera anywhere.

After Hurricane Katrina, I didn’t own a camera for the longest time. I had fallen so far from the habit of recording our lives and, after losing every photo album we didn’t evacuate with (along with 17 years of my journals), I had trouble placing my trust in recording our memories again, in any form.

It wasn’t until I bought my first smart phone that I rediscovered the joy of a camera readily at hand. Suddenly, I was taking hundreds of shots a week, sometimes in a single day. The cost of film no longer limiting how many frames I could shoot, I downloaded the fastest camera apps and would rapidly shoot second-by-second action shots and every angle under the brilliant sun.

Do you remember being limited to 32 photos on a roll? You had to mean every picture. You had to pay to see what you caught, either sending away for prints or pacing the floor of the 1-hour photo.

I miss darkroom photography but, man, nothing beats the streams of memories we are capturing these days. My phone is full of thousands of pictures. I bet yours is, too.

Enter social media. Suddenly, it doesn’t take a sternly worded “PHOTOS- DO NOT BEND” emblazoned envelope to share your photos with family and friends. Nor do you have to wait nearly weeks between capturing the moment and sharing it.

We live in an amazing time for the storyteller. Sharing stories (even the fun ones) can save lives. Sharing stories can strengthen your family’s roots. Because we remember hearing a story. We remember stories.

But it can all be overwhelming. So many choices for social networks and the constant sly checking for Likes. We’re composing epic blog posts in our mind while we’re tapping the shutter button on our iPhones. Once again, there is a screen of glass between you and your life. A series of filters designed to make it pop.

It’s enough to make you pocket your phone.

The Disney Story app understands your relationship to your stories.

Let’s fight the urge to over-correct, leading us to pocket our phones. Let’s keep it simple. A few photos. An effortless story.

The Disney Story app reminds you that your story is yours to tell. All yours. An app to make it simple, keep the lines clean, remove the distractions between you and your moments.

You are the storyteller.

You can’t overcomplicate it. 20 photos to a story. No more than 2 videos. You want to weigh it down but you can’t. Believe me, I try every time. I can almost hear the app say, “Woah, Megan, you’re good. They’ll love it. You already do.”

You are a storyteller. The Disney Story app is just for you.

Disney Story captures photos from your phone’s camera roll, organizes them into “Moments” by date, and automatically lays them out into a storybook. You can rearrange the images, add more from other dates and times, include captions and full pages of text. Minor editing tools but not enough to distract you from what you are doing: Telling and sharing a story.

Because I can edit until everyone I may have wanted to share a story with has gone to bed. Enough of that.

I am a storyteller. And the future of storytelling is now.

This summer? I am capturing images and recording stories I may have either let slip by or, worse, overdone on the recording and forgot to live them.

Thanks to Disney Story, I am catching the best and living the rest.

I invite you to join me. Let’s be storytellers together. Have a gorgeous summer!

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