Dr. Seuss Before He Was Dr. Seuss

We all know what a brilliant writer and illustrator Dr. Seuss was to us.

I am a  Seuss-ian friend if ever there was one.
I love him so much sometimes it gets worrisome.

To this day, I speak in rhymes and short couplets because I learned to read with such classics as “One Fish, Two Fish” and “Green Eggs and Ham.” His book, “If I Ran the Zoo” was also the first recorded instance of the word “nerd.” How rad is that? He spoke about environmentalism in such a broad, intelligent way, even I knew that the planet needed protection at six years-old. Of course, we all know I basically act like “The Cat in the Hat” pretty much all the time.

And my son uses me as a jungle gym simply because of his pious devotion to “Hop on Pop.”

But you might have missed some Theodore Geisel’s (Seuss’ real name) earlier works, when he was a simple illustrator for hire! Here they are:

15 Illustrations by Dr. Seuss You’ve Never Seen!

  • Shaefer Beer 1 of 15
    Shaefer Beer
    Dr. Seuss was a genius. He could even make goats love beer. Source:
  • Flit Insect Repellant 2 of 15
    Flit Insect Repellant
    Why is Charlie Chaplin wearing a garter belt? He looks just like me. Source:
  • Ajax Cups 3 of 15
    Ajax Cups
    I don't know what planet this illustration takes place on, but I want to live there. Source:
  • Ford Motor Company 4 of 15
    Ford Motor Company
    If only Ford had a Dr. Seuss now. I think their sales would ROCKET! Note to self: Purchase giant hand. Source:
  • L.P.C. Co. 5 of 15
    L.P.C. Co.
    I need an army like this to bring my son all his toys. At least, that's way he talks to me. Source:
  • Gilbarco Manufacturing 6 of 15
    Gilbarco Manufacturing
    That woman is totally checking out that handyman's butt. AMIRITE? Source:
  • NBC 7 of 15
    This bird could probably do a better job handling the coverage of the Olympics. Source:
  • NBC 8 of 15
    Dude, NBC, where the hell is the Zimbaphone? I want to use one in my Gerkaphone choir. Source:
  • Daggett and Ramnsdell 9 of 15
    Daggett and Ramnsdell
    Sure, Seuss had his anti-Bavarian stance, but damn the Brevo was a good shave. #forgrandpa Source:
  • Macy-Westchester 10 of 15
    Dr. Seuss nails it here. Moose are so narcissistic. Source:
  • Stromberg-Carlson Radios 11 of 15
    Stromberg-Carlson Radios
    Is that a cat with punching gloves or am I going insane? I'm scared and elated either way. Source:
  • Snyder & Black 12 of 15
    Snyder & Black
    The giraffe-cat in the back seems a little too happy that the maniac with a pop-gun is running around with a headdress on. Source:
  • Holly Sugar 13 of 15
    Holly Sugar
    Much like kids, horses will take sugar over fruit. This is the face I make every time there's a tomato on my food. Source:
  • Warren Telechron Company 14 of 15
    Warren Telechron Company
    That guy needs to stop doing the Colombian Marching Powder. For real. Source:
  • Standard Oil Company 15 of 15
    Standard Oil Company
    Seuss working Standard Oil makes as much sense to me as a duck with pants on. Oh, wait. He's so sneaky. Source:

He left Oxford and became a cartoonist for a New York publication leading to work in advertising for various brands.

These images come to us from the Dr. Seuss Collection at UC San Diego. If you are ever in town and have access to the collection, I highly recommend it.

For more information, GO HERE!



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