Dumb Ways To Die: The Inappropriate Song I Let My Daughter Enjoy

inappropriate songs I let my kid enjoy.I’m probably going to go to mommy jail for saying this, but I let my daughter who is seven enjoy all kinds of music that’s probably withering her brain as we speak.

This isn’t a shock; I grew up with a folk singer for a mom (she actually supported us full time as a singer for several years when I was little; those were lean years) and I knew all kinds of songs considered inappropriate for kids. I knew all the words to Polly Vaughn, for instance, in which a man goes hunting at night and shoots his lover because he thought she was a swan (because clearly, swan hunting at night is totally cool).

Currently, my daughter has two favorite songs: Blurred Lines (I know! I know! But we now have long discussions about what rhymes with “hug me”!), which we only hear in the car, but requires that I roll down her window so she can wave devil horns at passing cars while she sings along.

But her other favorite song is rather hilarious, too: it’s called Dumb Ways To Die, and is actually a Public Service Announcement by the Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia. It involves adorable little bean cartoons dying in various horrendous and, frankly, rather hilarious ways.

So, judge me if you like. But tell me that this song isn’t getting under your skin right now.

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