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Ellen Seidman is a magazine editor, web content developer and award-winning writer. She blogs at 1000 Perplexing Things About Parenthood for Babble, as well as at Love That Max. Ellen lives in the New York area with her husband, two kids and assorted dustballs.

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20 Not-Obvious Photos Every Parent Should Take

By Ellen Seidman |

I have an excellent source of Mommy crack. I can get it right off my computer, actually. It’s known as The Bazillion Snapshots I’ve Taken Of My Kids. Whenever I’m feeling burned out, I browse and get a bliss lift.

My children are 9 and 7. When they were little, I diligently ordered prints, arranged photo albums and made framed collages to hang on the walls—first year! Summer fun! But life took over and that fell off. Now my main fix is my iPhoto album, and even the countless photos it contains sometimes don’t feel like enough.

My husband teases me about the way I snap 50 shots of any given moment, but every photo I take of the kids—blurry, crooked, awkward—ends up being precious. The photos of big-deal events definitely stand out: holidays, birthday parties, first day of preschool, first tooth lost, school plays, violin recitals. It’s the everyday photos, though, that have turned out to be my all-time favorites. Snapshots that have captured the kids’ personalities, curiosity, exuberance and innocence, and let me worship at the altar of their cuteness again and again.

These 20 photos are especially memorable to me, the kind worth having in every photo album.

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20 Photos Every Parent Should Take Of Their Kids

Your child, dressed in a sailor suit

If nobody bought one for your baby boy, get one. Now. It's the clothing equivalent of Prozac, and you will not be able to save it for special occasions. No, you will regularly deck out your tot in it and take him for a walk, just because.

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About Ellen Seidman


Ellen Seidman

Ellen Seidman is a magazine editor, web content developer and award-winning writer. She blogs at 1000 Perplexing Things About Parenthood for Babble, as well as at Love That Max. Ellen lives in the New York area with her husband, two kids and assorted dustballs. Read bio and latest posts → Read Ellen's latest posts →

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9 thoughts on “20 Not-Obvious Photos Every Parent Should Take

  1. Rhiannon Fieri of says:

    I love this! I’ve got thousands and thousands of photos of Ash — as soon as he was home from the NICU I tried to get at least one photo of him a day, since even still, for his first few years, we never knew what day might be his last….but usually, like you, I’m taking 10-100 shots every time I can find the slightest excuse to whip out my camera, just in case I can capture something I wouldn’t have, otherwise. I try to keep my snap-happiness from interfering with other kinds of participation in his life, granted, but aside from that…

    Well, thank goodness I had my child in the age of digital photography, let’s put it that way! The periods when our digi-cam was off for repair are easily marked by the sad shortage of photos I can still look back and bemoan missing.

  2. Ali Bond says:

    Love it! My hubby teases me for all the pictures I take (1,500 in the 8mos since our son was born) but I know they will serve a purpose one day! Whether it’s comforting me when I’m stressed or embarrassing Damian once he’s all grown up. I am definitely a photo snapping fool. I can’t wait for all the fun summer pictures we can get.

  3. Jodi Rives says:

    We calculated I took more than 10,000 pictures of my three year-old before she turned one. 10,000. In one year. Good grief.

  4. Ellen Seidman says:

    Rhiannon, I felt the same about photographing Max as a baby. “Snap-happiness” is my new favorite phrase, although I definitely fit Ali’s “photo-snapping fool” description! :) And Jodi, even though I’ve never counted, I have a feeling I’m in the 10000 ballpark too. Wahoo!

  5. Keri M says:

    LOVE this post, Ben makes fun of me when I take a pic of him and Scar doing something and he goes back through and half way through the pix, I hear “when did you TAKE all these pictures?!” ROFL mama can snap that digi camera button fast! Can I just say though, I love the grocery cart pic, ya know, how you’re trying to remember how sweet and cute they in the that grocery cart….the cart full of cleaning supplies for when they’re NOT being cute and sweet, that is:P lmao sorry, couldn’t help but notice it;P

  6. Kari Dezell says:

    Totally agree! I do believe I have most of these shots, and laughed out loud at the “sailor suit” photo, as I have each of my 4 sons in sailor suits as infants/toddlers. I think another “mandatory” shot is sleeping/snuggled with Daddy or a Grandparent, and also a few shots of them in their “Sunday best”, hair slicked into place, clean shiny face, etc!

  7. Crystal says:

    wonderful! i’ve done a few of these, but i have a lot left to do! thanks for the inspiration!

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  9. litzergam says:

    Sleeping pictures are the best! No matter how overly-energetic and crazy they are during their waking hours, all kids look like little angels when they’re asleep.

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