Enough Chitchat! It's Time to Get These Eyes Done


Tuesday’s the day! Ali reflects on all the support she’s received since her cosmetic surgery announcement. Now she’s excited to stop talking and start recovering with her favorite trash TV.

But what if Ali chickens out at the last minute? Well, she has a plan for that, too.

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Ali! We’re right there with you.

Would you get plastic surgery? Find out what Babble parents are saying:

“Plastic surgery is OK for me, but not my daughter.” — Ciaran Blumenfeld

“Yes … it’s better to change your nose than hate your whole face because you don’t like your nose.” — Magda Pecsenye

“I had plastic surgery, but would I do it again? I don’t think so.”Rene Syler

“C’mon. Is nothing sacred? These are our bodies, people!” — Laura Mayes

“Wanna know what my mom gave me as my high school graduation present? A NOSE JOB! I was 18, and I have never regretted it.” Ana Flores

 “I cannot bring myself to do plastic surgery … I can’t  allow my daughters to see what I view as detrimental to my person.” Kelly Wickham


For more on the conversation, see what parents are saying about their family’s influence and whether or not it pays to be honest about going under the knife


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