#Every2 Minutes A Woman Dies During Pregnancy and Childbirth: You Can Help


every-mother-counts_every2_300x250We all remember the day we became a mother. That moment we saw our child’s face for the first time, that immediate and powerful second that fills us with that incredible mix of love, fierce protection instinct, and wonder.

For some mothers, that moment never happens.

Every two minutes a pregnant woman dies due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Worst of all, 90% of those deaths are completely preventable.

I know this, because I almost died in pregnancy. Twice. First, when I developed full blown preeclampsia just before I was six months pregnant with my sons Nicholas and Zachary. During a dreadful night at the hospital I nearly lost my life, and both of my sons died.

Then the day my daughter was born my placenta abrupted, depriving her of oxygen and causing me to nearly bleed to death. While other birth stories are full of wonder and the pains of labor, mine is full of gushing blood, massive clots the size of my fist, and being the woman on the hospital bed being madly rushed into surgery. I awoke to an agonizing eight hours alone before I was able to finally meet my daughter, who miraculously survived and is healthy and happy today.

Why did I survive two horrific pregnancy complications? Because I live in a nation with incredibly good health care, in a major metropolitan area, with access to one of the best obstetricians in the country. This is not true for so many women. Every Mother Counts reminds us that each year that 287,000 women die because of pregnancy and labor complications.

You can help. This May, in honor of Mother’s Day and mothers everywhere, you can take two minutes to help prevent women from dying from complications similar to mine. Here’s how:

Please help other mothers like me and participate in the #Every2 campaign. 287,000 women won’t be as lucky as I was this year.