Social Pooping: The Potty Training Overshare

Hipster glasses for everyone!Vivi pooped in her tiny little frog shaped potty yesterday, and honestly? It’s been one of the highlights of the year.

There are entire sites dedicated to shaming parents for sharing such intimate details of their child’s life, and I get it. It’s weird and kind of gross BUT YOU GUYS I CHANGED ONE LESS CRAPPY DIAPER YESTERDAY. It’s a huge deal to know that a year ago Vivi could barely run, two years ago she couldn’t even sit up, then all of the sudden she’s capable of running into the bathroom, yanking down her drawers, hitting the toilet in time and announcing “I POOPED!”

Very big deal indeed.

When Vivi was born she had some serious gastrointestinal issues. There were a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of doctor’s visits, including her tiny little body on a giant x-ray, before we got a diagnosis. The fact my babies even came out looking somewhat like babies with all their parts in the right place still mystifies me to this day. To know that two things we can’t see with the naked eye got together in my uterus and BLAM! baby — crazy.

There are milestones some babies will never reach. There are many I know I’ve taken advantage of because I just don’t know any different. Right now Vivi is into saying “I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!” and while a cynic would say she has no concept of what it means, I still get to hear the words come out of her mouth directed towards me. I have a friend who knows she will never hear “I love you” from her son. She will never see him grow up, move out, and get married, but she still sees firsts. Whenever she sees him learn a new skill or do something he’s never done before the joy is still there, the joy in seeing your kid do something you never thought possible — and when it happens, you want to share it.

So while I didn’t run to Facebook and post “WE HAVE POOP IN THE POTTY” I still felt this overwhelming urge to tell someone. The desire to share is something I would have never thought was in me. Vivi’s preschool teachers were OVER THE MOON at my announcement this morning while the checker at the grocery store seemed less than enthused with Vivi’s success at a new life skill.  When I think about my friends on Facebook I think of all the childless friends from high school or the high powered business people who use Facebook for very high powered and business-y reasons.

They didn’t really need to get socially poop bombed in their safe potty training free world.

Deep down I’m sometimes the very mom I make fun of. The one that uses goofy voices and asks too many questions. The one that thinks her kid is the cutest, the smartest and the funniest. The one who talks about poop over cocktails and brings up bleeding nipples at formal events. If that part of me pops out during casual conversation or over dinner? I’m sorry, I really am. But rest assured that when your kid does something for the first time, from poop to pioneering medical advancements, I will be just as happy for you, because with all the jerks in the world, it’s nice to have something you made to be proud of.

As far is the poop is concerned? I’m done. I won’t update you on every single log. I will never post pictures and you will never have descriptions. The first one is the big one, from then on out I subscribe to Taro Gomi’s claim that “Everyone Poops” and it’s no big deal.

As you were.

Find more of Casey’s writing on her blog moosh in indy. She’s also available on twitter, facebook, flickr and Instagram. If you can’t find her any of those places? Check the couch, she’s probably taking a nap.

Article Posted 2 years Ago
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