Everyone Who Is Interesting Has a Past


When I was visiting San Francisco last week I met up with some old friends. We went out for drinks and as we were reminiscing about our crazy college years a friend told me: You always seemed to know who you were…..and whether it was good or bad, you were okay with it.  When I think back that far, I guess I remember always feeling like I had myself figured out….not that I actually did have myself figured out….but I didn’t worry about little things so much. I think it was mostly because of my art and journaling. It was like a map that always kept me on track. If I did things that were embarrassing….I’d write them down…..and make them into a story.  And it was like I released it….it wasn’t a weight anymore.  If I didn’t have anything to write about I’d just chronicle some random minutia from the day or tape a receipt on a page from something I bought.  I’ve even written things down and sealed them in an envelope until I’m ready to read them again one day. Sometimes, writing “Dear Diary” is just too much pressure… I prefer a more free form of journaling: lists, sketches, maps, collages etc.

My favorite form of journaling is when I actually have time to get the paints out and get messy…..check out this process time lapse I made over the weekend of a few pages. Click here to view.



Everyone’s story is worth telling….that’s why I started The Lil Journal Project. Creative journaling has helped me come to know myself better and feel comfortable with who I am. Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a memoir…..or maybe you just want to try and document things about your life for yourself…..or your kids or siblings. I think everyone who is participating has really been surprised at what they start to remember from the prompts……long lost memories that have been unlocked. It’s fun to see all the photos on Instagram (#theliljournalproject) too.

Here are some examples of the prompts from the past few weeks:


Anyway, I hope you’ll join in. Consider it as a family activity too…..I wish I’d had it as an after school activity when I was really young:

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