Fantasy Faire: An Enchanted New Home For the Disney Princesses (Video)


Disneyland's new Fantasy Faire attraction. Disney PrincessesA month ago I was walking through construction debris amidst the smell of fresh paint just to get a sneak peek at the making-of Fantasy Faire, the new home for Disney princesses and storytelling magic at Disneyland. I went back for the big unveiling, but this time with my daughter and got to witness just how special this new attraction nestled between the iconic Sleeping Beauty castle and Fronteirland really is.

Girls and boys are in for some magical dreams-come true and memory-making moments. They will get to meet Rapunzel, Flynt Rider, Belle, the Beast, Aurora, Ariel and Cinderella up close and personal. They will also get to use their imaginations as they sit in the Royal Theatre and become part of the story of Tangled and Beauty and the Beast as told by Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, two vaudeville-style and very comical storytellers.

Check out the video we made to commemorate our visit to the new Fantasy Faire attraction and just how excited by little girl was.

My best advice is to come prepared to spend a chunk of your time visiting the park here because I can bet this will be a very popular spot among the youngest crowd, especially girls. Make sure you come armed with a still and video camera and an autograph book with a pen. Oh, and, yes, pretty much every single girl there was sporting their favorite Disney princess costume!


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