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It’s one of the most difficult things for me as a bachelor. When I want to make something nice, the majority of it always gets thrown away because it’s just so darn hard to cook for one and a half. I always feel like I’m wasting so much money.

Enter Pillsbury. As I mentioned in the Pillsbury Dough Blogger post, Noah and I were starving to death (thanks to an upcoming move, and my want to not have to actually pack any food) when Pillsbury offered to sponsor us to write four posts. Their only requirements… make a Pillsbury product and blog about it.

The free food was honestly the best part of the deal. What I didn’t expect (and I’m being serious here) was that it would open up my eyes to new possibilities in bachelorville.

If I’m being honest, I’ve never made anything Pillsbury before. I don’t know why, it just never crossed my mind to try it out. I don’t know if I always assumed it was too messy, too time-consuming, or what. But I hadn’t. Maybe it’s that I thought that the only thing Pillsbury made was crescent rolls. Again, don’t ask me why. What’s blown my mind is that it’s… easy? I know, you already all know that, but it’s news to this bachelor. Haha. I guess now that I’m looking at all the Pillsbury products a little closer, that’s kind of the point of them, isn’t it. I feel kind of silly.

Regardless, I’ve realized that we can eat more, starve less, and have warm food in our tummies a lot more often. And, there are TONS of things to make. We had a hard time choosing.

This week, I took Noah to the store and I told him to keep an eye out for anything with the Pillsbury dough boy on it. We decided together that we were seriously in the mood for some hot gooey cinnamon rolls. After all, it’s the holidays and I feel okay about fattening this bachelor up. Heaven knows Noah could use some more insulation as well.

And… oooh la la… we found Pillsbury Grands Cinnabon cinnamon rolls with buttercream icing. Ummm… really? Like, really, really? That exists? Right next to the crappy hot dog section that I usually frequent? I guess so.

When we got home, I decided to let Noah do it all by himself. First, I let him grease the pan.

Then, I promised him the magic *POP* as he unwrapped the can.

There was no *POP*. Apparently you gotta whack it. So, I told Noah to give it a good beating.

When it popped, he looked at me like he’d just seen magic happen.

“Look dad, it’s like an alien and his guts are coming out!” Where he learned about guts coming out of anything is beyond me.

He carefully took each roll out of the can.

And licked his fingers between each one…

Buddha, he was just chilling in the background. And by chilling, I mean sleeping. And by sleeping, I mean snoring. Big time.

Anyways, Noah put them all in the pan, and did a great job spreading them all out evenly on his own.

He insisted he watch them bake the entire time. Until 25 minutes became way too long.

Then we made cocoa to pass the time.

With a couple minutes left, Noah headed back to his watching post.

They came out golden brown and… perfect.

I let Noah ice them all by himself. Once again he proved his amazing dexterity.

And then… we stuffed our faces.

Noah was not disappointed. And neither was I.

All in all, these were way better than I expected them to be. They were super soft, super yum, and super gooey. Just the way I like ’em. I think next time I’ll cook some pecans on top. Just cause I can.

Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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