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Feeling Nostalgic? 7 Old-School Toys Kids Still Love Today

Kids’ toys in this day and age are amazing. It blows my mind that my daughter and son can play with what looks like a cuddly teddy bear named Cody, but Cody is actually teaching them colors, body parts, days of the week, you name it. As a parent, I love that these toys have such an incredible added value.

I was talking to my mom about my kids’ awesome toys and I veered into that dangerous, “Back in my day, we walked uphill in the snow!” talk. She pointed out that my kids still play with a lot of the same toys I played with when I was young. In fact, in some cases, they literally play with the same toys, because my mom saved them! We realized that a lot of these “vintage” toys are a great supplement to the current high-tech toys on the market.

Relive your childhood with these great vintage toys kids can still enjoy today:

  • Take a Trip Down Memory Lane 1 of 8

    Click through for seven vintage toys your kids will love just as much as their high-tech counterparts ...

  • The Yo-Yo: Can You "Walk The Dog?" 2 of 8

    My brother and I used to spend hours trying to learn tricks on our yo-yos. My daughter isn't old enough to figure out tricks, but my nephews are. It's fun to watch them as they figure out different loops and throws, and my kids are totally rapt. 

    Fun Fact: The Yo-Yo was first invented in 500 B.C., and became popular in the United States in the 1920s — pretty cool to think that some plastic and a string has been entertaining millions for thousands of years! Think Tickle Me Elmo will stand the test of time? Me thinks probably not. 

  • Lincoln Logs: For Your Log Cabin Dream Home 3 of 8
    lincoln logs

    I absolutely adored building houses with my Lincoln Logs. I would spend hours constructing the perfect dwelling for my LEGO people (and sometimes my pony toys, too). My daughter is just discovering them and I can't wait to see what she builds. 

    Fun Fact: Since their introduction, Lincoln Logs have sold more than 100 million sets worldwide. All those sets together would build an epic cabin.

  • Slinky: It’s A Wonderful Toy! 4 of 8

    Who doesn't love a slinky? They're great to teach gravity and all sorts of other math and space lessons. Plus, they're just fun.

    Fun Fact: During the Vietnam War, Slinkys doubled as mobile radio antennas for U.S. soldiers. So multifunctional! 

  • Wooden Blocks: The Building Blocks of Reading 5 of 8

    My daughter uses wooden blocks to build towers and walls (and she loves knocking them down). I like that they have numbers, letters, and shapes that, when I'm playing with my daughter, I can use to help teach her. 

    Fun Fact: Wooden blocks originated in as early as 1693, and in 2003, they were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at the Strong Museum. Awesome!

  • Jump Rope: For Exercise AND Play 6 of 8
    jump rope

    Not only does a jump rope help a kid get physical, there are all those awesome chants that go along with the zillions of different jumps! I still remember a ton of them and can't wait to teach them to my kids.

    Fun Fact: Rope skipping is actually a highly competitive sport! The 30-second one-foot jump world record holder is Jolien Kempeneer of Belgium, with 102 jumps on her right foot. Whoa.

  • Rocking Horses: Giddy Up! 7 of 8
    rocking horse

    There's something so special about riding on a rocking horse while you pretend you're racing through the hills on a real horse. Ride 'em, Cowpokes! 

    Fun Fact: The oldest vintage toy on this list, rocking horses date as far back as 400 BC, and, in the 1300s wheels were added so that children could re-enact jousting games! 

  • Etch A Sketch: Are You An Artist? 8 of 8

    My daughter calls her Etch A Sketch her "Red iPad," which to me really underscores how necessary it is for her to have something low-tech like this. The other day, she yelled, "Mama, look, I made stairs!" and it took me back to the day discovered how to make "stairs" on my Etch A Sketch. I love that these vintage toys allow us these shared experiences. 

    Fun Fact: Any picture created on an Etch A Sketch is, in fact, just a single, unbroken line. What kind of art can you create?



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