Finding New Dreams.


For almost as long as I can remember, I dreamed of having four kids. Then no kids. Then two kids. Then one kid. Then dear God what do I have to do to please have one kid, just one kid, that’s all I ask, please please please. And then two kids. And now, as I’m almost 41, I realize it’s going to be just the one. And I’m super lucky to have the one.

But sometimes, especially late at night, when the house is quiet, too quiet, I know again that I want my sweet one to have a pal. I want it so badly for him. And for me. But mainly for him.

Growing up, I was so tight with my younger brother, and I’ve wished that my little one as well. For years now, I’ve dreamed that he too could have that closeness, that shared experience and history with someone. A sibling. A second.

And I can’t give him that.

So I’m giving up on that dream. My eyes are open. And I’m looking out for what’s coming instead, what’s meant to be, what’s in store for us. Next.

Next is my new dream.

Photo from Sweet Peach Blog

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