Five Ways to Reduce Stress



We all have it, and we all want to get rid of it. Luckily, we can.

Every day, you can take a few key steps in your life to rid yourself of the stress that all too often falls on your shoulders.

Here are five ways to get rid of — or at least reduce — the stress you face.

  • Immerse Yourself in Nature 1 of 5
    Immerse Yourself in Nature
    They say that one of the best ways we can reduce stress is by getting out into the beautiful world around us. Indeed, nature is a great way to get the endorphins going, and to kick your stress to the curb. Whether it's a beautiful park, a pristine botanical garden, or just a hotel balcony with a view, find nature and go there. Now.
  • Dream. Hope. Love. 2 of 5
    Dream. Hope. Love.
    Positive emotions like hope are key to making sure your stress is as low as possible. Every day, think of a way you can better tap into these key emotions and cultivate the side of your heart and mind that love to hope, dream and -- yes -- love.
  • Smile. 3 of 5
    You've likely heard it said that smiling makes you actually feel better. It's true, and I have more than one friend who swears by smiling in the mirror whenever she feels down. Try it for yourself to see if it does -- as reported -- boost your mood. It can't hurt, right?
  • Read 4 of 5
    I'm a big reader, and reading for me is long-held passion. So, to lift my spirits it works well given how much I love it. But even if you're not a huge reader -- or a passionate one -- it turns out the act of sitting down, resting, and reading a good novel can really make you feel better. The key is to immerse yourself in a story - or another life, or another land - and not a non-fiction business book, say. It really can turn your mood around.
  • Dress Up. (Or Just Get Dressed.) 5 of 5
    Dress Up. (Or Just Get Dressed.)
    My best friend used to laugh at the way I get up in the morning and immediately get dressed and put on shoes -- even when working from home. It turns out that what I naturally do is hardwired to make you feel better. Take a shower, put on a necklace, some mascara, and yes - gasp - SHOES! - even when you're just going to be sitting around the house. It will make you feel happier to greet the day, and kick stress in the pants.

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