Tis the season (and time in our tour cycle) for fly-ins.

Best way to handle the touring with kids in these situations-leave them at home with grandparents.  (and if that’s not an option, get a charter nanny-to go with you, or to stay home with your kids)

It’s usually 2 days, on a weekend.  It’s lots of frantic travel and sometimes you are in the air more than on the ground (literally and figuratively speaking).  We’ve been in situations (when the girls were really young) where fly-ins were common for the whole family on tour.  Once we flew to Spain and back within 2 days with an infant and 5 hour delays at the airports and on the planes.  I had to push the flight attendant button for the first time and tell her I was breast feeding and it was too f’n hot and they needed to turn the AC on and give me water while we sat on the runway for hours.

One of many airport shuttles. Love the guy next to them.

And I found this really complainy post I wrote four years ago about flying with kids.  I must have been stressed out because I really do sympathize with parents on planes with kids-especially when I get to do fly-ins without my own. To those parents who aren’t there yet, you will get there again, you will someday enjoy the time you get on plane rides.  Even when you bring your kids, when they are over 3, you actually look forward to the time you can just sit.

Until then though, thank you again, Mom for taking the kids so the festival in Kansas city will be easier.

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