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Be the Change painting by 6-year-old "Boo" Hackshaw (photo via


My 6-year-old daughter “Boo” and I were brainstorming some ways to raise money for her little school to help fund financial aid for students who need it.  The final idea: Paintings by Boo

I helped her a little with some ideas and taught her to use the sander. Once she finished a painting we looked for quotes for her to add.  The trick to letting a kid get messy?  Purchase large lined tarps… worries after that.

A few more tips:

1. Add water to paint. It makes it easier to spread across the canvas.

2. Purchase large, long, inexpensive paintbrushes from your craft store. These are perfect for kids to stand back and get a perspective of their painting.

3. Introduce different techniques! We love using bubble wrap and other household items for printing.

4. Always wear old clothes… there are no worries about getting covered from head to toe in paint.


Here’s her process:

For more information about the paintings and the cause click here!



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