For the love of Tom Selleck


My ex-husband (in the photo to the left there) and a bunch of other dad bloggers have formed a mustache-growing team for Movember to raise money for research for prostate cancer and other men’s cancers. They start clean-shaven tomorrow morning, and grow and grow for 30 days.

(I just typed the phrase “mustache-growing team.” Yes, I did.)

My well-known loathing for a lone mustache, with no beard or goatee or other facial hair to anchor it, aside, I am all in favor of doing something silly and potentially publicly humiliating to raise money. And trust me, this will be humiliating. Maybe not for all the men on the team, but for sure for my kids’ dad, who can grow a mustache in about 20 minutes, and alternates between looking like full-on ’80s-era Magnum and a circus barker when he’s got a mustache.

So I’m donating to their team, and I encourage you to do so, too. No amount too small or too big. Their team page is here, and my ex’s write-up of the effort is here. And if you are a dad blogger or dad-blog reader who can grow a mustache and would like to join their team, email him or leave a comment on the post so he can add you.

I’ll write another post updating you on their progress in the middle of Movember and hounding you for money, so give now and avoid the rush.