Gold Meets Golden: My Golden Globes Experience

I wonder if the big stars get excited for these big nights? Maybe some do, but possibly the others are tired of the whole thing. Who knows? For me it is SUCH a departure of my day-to-day life that I feel like a teenager heading to my first Homecoming. The most make-up I wear is a tinted moisturizer and mascara! Seriously, I am THAT lazy. I curl my lashes, and I use a bit of mascara. Yes, you read that correctly, I don’t even really know how to do much else, so getting glam and sassy for the Golden Globes was an experience. Apologizes now if I name drop, but it was that kind of night :)

When I asked my friend Trish Suhr if she wanted to go to a Golden Globes after-party with me, she had the fastest text response in history and then immediately began her trade, organizing. She knew I was gonna show up with my dress wadded up in my U.S. Ski Team Über backpack and my year old make-up. Uh-huh! And that was not going to happen on her watch.  So this past Sunday turned into my own grown-up “Bibbity, Bobbity, Boutique”…just much less frightening.

I left my house in Park City at 9:15 am after snow blowing 8 inches of fresh powder off our driveway and white-knuckled it up and over the summit to SLC airport. I saw three cars off the side along the I-80 route, and I was focused and hell-bent on getting to warmer ground. My flight was filled with a ski team from Kazakhstan wearing surgical masks… which always kind of freaks me out but was probably smart for an Olympic athlete. As soon as I popped down into my seat, I sighed with relief. LA and Golden Globes here I come.

On its way through security, LA Bound

On its way through security, LA Bound

Trish picked me up and whisked us away to her house/makeover facility where the party officially began. We had a whole 5 hours to get ourselves together. That is approximately 4 hours and 35 minutes more than I have ever had for a glam moment off air. It was dreamy. I only wish my kids were there to see it… they would have thought it was a dream. My dress was sparkly and tight, my heels were strappy and high, and as I looked in the mirror, all I could do was giggle. Who was that in the reflection?

Golden Globes prep with Trish Sure

Golden Globes prep with Trish Sure

Our car service picked us up, and we were dropped into the land of chaos, also known as the Beverly Hilton (the location of the Globes themselves). I tried to look as cool as Trish did while walking in heels to the check-in area, but it is always very apparent that I am a fish out of water in this department. (Love that I wasn’t the only one – the beautiful Kerri Walsh went barefoot after a bit too). My palms were sweaty, which always happens to me when I am nervous… thank goodness the Gold Meets Golden party was more of a cheek kissing kind of event :)

Even barefoot Kerri is beautiful and taller than me.

Even barefoot Kerri is beautiful and taller than me.

The Globes were wrapping up inside, and we are waiting in line outside on Wilshire Blvd with a few 100 of our closest friends to make our way into the “Gold Meets Golden” NBC Universal afterparty. Of course, all I am thinking about is sitting down and getting out of my lovely ShoeDazzle heels (so not used to wearing anything more than wedges)…and okay, maybe about how fun it was going to be to meet some of the celebrity hosts and award winners.

We make friends with our line mates and the time cruises by. As the awards wrapped up, several stars walk by including Drew Barrymore and her cute, pregnant self just smiling and hugging friends. I tried not to stare, but I couldn’t help sneaking glances. Making our way to the beautiful red walkway (not quite the “carpet”), which lead us into the Beverly Hilton, we stayed close to our new friends and together made several wrong turns until we finally came upon the peacock and our destination. It should have been easier since we are still being led by the ever present red carpet, but we got distracted when Amy Poehler walked by and nervously start following her, assuming she was heading into her NBC shindig. I questioned our path when the carpet turned to cement and then notice we were inside a level of the hotel. Busted! We made a rookie mistake and did a “celeb follow” to the bathrooms. About face!

Magically, we found our way back and were IN. The room was packed, the band was playing loudly, and Trish and I scan the scene to figure out where to set up camp after grabbing our drinks. With the Sochi Games right around the corner, I get the chance to see many friendly, familiar faces. It’s like a little mini Olympic reunion with Apolo Ohno, Bonnie Blair, Dan Jansen, Kerri Walsh, Allyson Felix, Donna de Varona, Rebecca Soni, Nadia Comanici and Bart Conner, and more.

Trish convinced me to take a trip up the stairs (did I mention my dress was tight!) to the upper tier of the room overlooking the entrance so we could really take it all in. While standing in the corner, thinking we’d found the perfect spot, we notice the signs that read “reserved”  for the Michael J Foxx Show. It was about that time when Betsy Brandt wandered over and plopped down to take a load off.  I couldn’t resist so I said, “Congrats on all your success. I am a huge “Breaking Bad” fan!” She said, “Thanks” and seemed very happy to meet the couch. I then look back into the crowd and begin to see so many stars from some of my favorite sitcoms, including Meredith (Kate Flannery) from The Office and Donna (Retta Sirleaf) from Parks and Rec. And it was truly my lucky day, because Trish knew them both so we headed down to say hello. Retta, her friend Sandy, Trish, and I hopped up to try and snap a picture together that turned out to be one of the funniest moments of our night. Every time the camera flashed, someone walked into our frame. It happened four times, and that’s when we snap this picture of Trish and Rheta hollering at the culprit. BEST PHOTO EVER!

After 4 ruined photos, Trish and Retta had had enough :)

After 4 ruined photos, Trish and Retta had had enough

OMG it's Meredith! With Trish and Kate Flannery.

OMG it’s Meredith! With Trish and Kate Flannery.

Once I finally sat down, the excitement adrenaline began to fade, and I knew it is only a matter of time before I needed to head out. And that’s when Matthew McConaughey walks by on the carpet with his beautiful wife Camila and five people parting the sea of crowd. It was literally like a wave of people and pictures cruising through the room. Trish snapped a quick pic, and we considered heading into where we can say hello but decided we didn’t have the energy. So we decided to hightail it home. And as we wait outside under the heat lamp for our ride, we meet the greatest girl of the party (Trish says so too)…Kaley Cuoco. Let me set the scene, my shoes are off and I’m stretching out my toes to make sure they are still attached when I hear, “Summer, I love you!” It’s Kaley and her sweet husband Ryan. They stop for a bit and chat about life. Immediately, Trish and I register Kaley as VERY real, like one of the girls. I ask her how in the world she is still walking ok, and she reveals her secret, lifting up her dress and kicking out a FLAT, nude, patent leather lace-up shoe. She says she never wears heels to these things and always wears a full length gown. Note taken! See, girlfriends taking care of girlfriends.

Best moment of the night, ending the evening with Kaley!

Best moment of the night, ending the evening with Kaley!

And that was the night. We zipped on back to Trish’s house, were greeted by her two pooches, and stuffed our faces with a midnight snack before our eyes gave out! It’s was a good night friends…. A fun and unexpected golden night. Thanks NBC, Procter and Gamble, and Coca Cola for making it happen.

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