Good Parents Gone Bad: Summer Slackers

Last summer I was so overwhelmed by all the fabulous “100 days of summer” lists, I started to get a little bit of a complex. Rainbow pudding pops? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you know how many dishes I already have to wash with the kids home all day?

My daily summer reality looks nothing like those beautiful Pinterest pin boards.

The truth is, my children are probably not building a tree fort out of reclaimed wood and recycled materials as you read this. They’re not even doing their assigned summer reading. Or their own laundry. They’re still wearing it.  If they are not in camp this week, they are probably sitting in front of the TV in their underwear, eating cereal straight from the box.

This sort of behavior is unheard of during the school year when rigid schedules and routines reign. But come summer, I seem to lose my fight. Breakfast for dinner. Ridiculous bedtimes.  It’s shocking. It’s scandalous.

It’s not just me! All across America, good parents have gone bad.

I asked a few of my favorite mom bloggers for their “Summer Slacker” confessions. Think that pool time counts (or should count) as a bath? Or that ice cream is an acceptable dinner? You’re not alone. Click through the slide show to find out what these mom bloggers slack off the most on, come summer. Make sure to click through to the end. The last one is awesome. Hint: I’m busting out the walkie talkies.

  • Cereal Straight from the Box 1 of 11
    Cereal Straight from the Box
    "Fruit Loops with no milk for breakfast. And omg, my 7-yr-old has had Mountain Dew several times recently" Julie, Angry Julie Monday
  • TV Time 2 of 11
    TV Time
    "I let my children watch way more TV than they should. During the rest of the year between homework and afterschool activities, they usually watch an hour at the most." Jeannette Kaplun, & Mamifesto on Babble Voices
  • Pooltime = Bath? 3 of 11
    Pooltime = Bath?
    "Can't remember the last time these kids have taken a shower - unless swimming in the pool counts as one... "Cheryl Rosenberg, Mommypants & "Baths every 3 days or so if she's lucky! " Wendy Neilsen, Wendy Will Blog
  • Ice Cream Before Dinner? 4 of 11
    Ice Cream Before Dinner?
    "Ice cream just before dinner! When I pick them up from camp it's 4 pm, and HOT here in NYC, especially in a heat wave like today. During the school year we'll have ice cream maybe once a week, and usually on Friday. But in summer? Nearly every day" Varda Steinhardt, Squashed Mom
  • Breakfast for Dinner 5 of 11
    Breakfast for Dinner
    "Dinnertime is like, a joke. Everyone eats whenever they want. Breakfast for dinner, pizza bagels, stuff I rarely do during the year! Unlimited computer time (not officially, of course) when there's no day camp. And bedtime? "Ruchi Sobel-Indich Koval, Out of the Orthobox
  • Game On! 6 of 11
    Game On!
    "Way more XBox than they get during the school year. Especially since it's a bajillion degrees outside and I can't make them go outside and play!"Mara Strom, Kosher on a Budget
  • Time to Veg 7 of 11
    Time to Veg
    "TV... They are already watching too much tv. They are so overscheduled during the school year that I think they should have time to sit and not think. I'm also not being as much of a lunatic about sugar "Yvonne Condes, Yvonne in LA
  • Pajamas Rule 8 of 11
    Pajamas Rule
    "My 8yo loves to stay in his pjs all day long. I *ahem* MAY allow him to do this for more than one day. In a row" Aliza Worthington, The Worthington Post
  • Costume Optional 9 of 11
    Costume Optional
    "I let her wear her fairy wings and/or Cinderella princess costume all day long if she wants to. Hey, if she's happy, I'm happy!" Estelle Sobel Erasmus, Musings on Motherhood, Mid-Life and Other Forms of Madness
  • Bedtime? What Bedtime? 10 of 11
    Bedtime? What Bedtime?
    "Bedtimes becomes obsolete! We strongly encourage sleeping in too! We were just at our friend's house last night and they all were swimming in the pool until 11:00pm, including the 4-year-old." Jessica Fuselier, Disney Sisters
  • Spy Games 11 of 11
    Spy Games
    "I got them walkie talkies and binoculars so they can spy on our neighbors. They dress in all black and sneak out to spy on the parties and lover's spats going on late at night. That would NEVER fly during the school year. " Liz Dwyer, Los Angelista

Still having a hard time checking off all the pins on your 100 days of Summer Pinterest list?  I’m here to enable help you. I wrote a List of the 21 Slacker Days of Summer. I quit at 21 because it was really all I had the energy for. It’s hot outside.

Leave me a comment and tell me what your kids are getting away with right now!
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